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About Macmillan Explorers

Explorers provide university students and academics with unlimited access to a wealth of comprehensive, high quality eTextbooks.

Explorers support teaching and learning in Computer Science, History, Literature and Political Science. Each one includes 175-200 titles.

Written by leading authors in the field, they are developed to specifically meet the needs of students and practitioners seeking to excel in their studies.

Titles are curated into groupings based on key areas of study that form a 3/4 year undergraduate degree programme.​​​​​​​


Key features


Offline access on 4 devices


Save bookmarks


Print pages


Export notes & highlights to OneNote

What do Explorers offer?


Study and learn in a way that suits you best. Macmillan Explorers offer unlimited access to curated eTextbooks and resources.  Use them online or offline and collaborate easily with classmates.


Macmillan Explorers offer curriculum eTextbook and resource coverage for undergraduate degree programmes. They offer easy to use functionality that encourages students to read widely and actively engage with their studies.