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Analysing Texts

Analysing Texts
24 Volumes | 1998 - 2018


Analysing Texts is dedicated to one clear belief, that we can all enjoy, understand and analyse literature for ourselves, provided we know how to do it. Readers are guided in the skills and techniques of close textual analysis which are used to build an insight into, and richer understanding of, an author's individual style, themes and concerns. An additional section on the writer's life and work and a comparison of major critical views, place them in their personal and literary context.

All books of the series Analysing Texts

2018 | Literature to 1900 | Book

Robert Browning: The Poems

This stimulating study takes a fresh look at Browning's poetry and key themes. Part I uses carefully selected extracts for close textual analysis, while Part II examines Browning's life, contexts and a sample of criticism. The volume is an ideal …

2015 | Literature to 1900 | Book

Charles Dickens: Hard Times/Bleak House

This stimulating study takes a fresh look at two of Dickens' most widely-studied texts. Part I uses carefully selected short extracts for close textual analysis, while Part II examines the historical and literary contexts and key criticism. The …

2013 | Literature to 1900 | Book

Charles Dickens: David Copperfield / Great Expectations

David Copperfield and Great Expectations are among Charles Dickens's most famous novels. In both books, the hero tells the vivid and absorbing tale of his education by life, presents a rich range of characters and scenes, and tackles profound …

2013 | Poetry | Book

Thomas Hardy: The Poems

Gillian Steinberg offers an approachable introduction to the poems of one of the most prolific and influential English writers, through an examination of wide-ranging selections from his work.

Part I of this invaluable study:
• provides clear and …

2013 | Literature to 1900 | Book

John Milton: Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost is for many the greatest poem written in English. Composed late in the author's life, it deals with nothing less than the destiny of mankind.

This essential introductory guide:
• leads the reader into the epic poem through detailed …

2012 | Poetry | Book

William Blake: The Poems

William Blake was ignored in his own time. Now, however, his Songs of Innocence and Experience and 'prophetic books' are widely admired and studied.

The second edition of this successful introductory text:
• leads the reader into the Songs and …

2011 | Literature to 1900 | Book

Daniel Defoe: The Novels

Daniel Defoe's writings have bred controversy since their first appearance in the eighteenth century: 'Robinson Crusoe' fuels virulent disagreements among critics, while Defoe's two scandalous women, 'Moll Flanders' and 'Roxana', can still shock …

2011 | Contemporary Literature | Book

F. Scott Fitzgerald: The Great Gatsby / Tender is the Night

The Great Gatsby and Tender is the Night are F. Scott Fitzgerald's best-known novels. They draw on Fitzgerald's own vivid experiences in the 1920s but transform them into art. This stimulating introductory guide analyses their accomplished style …

2009 | Literature to 1900 | Book

Mary Shelley: Frankenstein

This study focuses on how Frankenstein works: how the story is told and why it is so rich and gripping. Part I uses carefully selected short extracts for close textual analysis, while Part II examines Shelley's life, the historical and literary …

2007 | Shakespeare | Book

Shakespeare: The Sonnets

The appearance in 1609 of Shakespeare's Sonnets is cloaked in mystery and controversy, while the poems themselves are masterpieces of silence and deception. The intervening four centuries have done little to …

2004 | Poetry | Book

Wordsworth and Coleridge

Lyrical Ballads

Written in an age of revolutions, Lyrical Ballads represents a radical new way of thinking - not only about literature but also about our fundamental perceptions of the world. The poetry of Wordsworth and Coleridge continues to be among the most …

2003 | Literature to 1900 | Book

Aphra Behn: The Comedies

Kate Aughterson provides readers with an approachable and fascinating critical guide to the dramatic works of an important seventeenth-century woman writer. Aughterson analyses Aphra Behn's abilities as a playwright, showing particularly how she …

2003 | Literature to 1900 | Book

George Eliot

The Novels

This volume guides students through Eliot's most widely studied novels: The Mill on the Floss, Silas Marner and Middlemarch. The first part of the book is based on analysis of extracts grouped by themes including relationships, society and …

2003 | Shakespeare | Book

Shakespeare: Three Problem Plays

Written in 1602-4, between Hamlet and the other great tragedies, Shakespeare's three Problem Plays are so called because they do not fit easily into the other groups of plays. They are awkward dramas, full of unresolved controversies, which leave …

2002 | Poetry | Book

John Keats: The Poem

This comprehensive guide to the poetry and letters of John Keats offers a highly readable and detailed textual analysis of the themes and techniques of his work. Blades assesses all the major writing - including the narratives and the great odes - …

2001 | Shakespeare | Book

Webster: The Tragedies

Webster's theatre was also Shakespeare's theatre: but their tragedies are very different. Webster has a reputation for angst-ridden, obsessive and debased characters and the creation of a sick and decaying world. Yet his heroines are the amongst …

2001 | Literature to 1900 | Book

Thomas Hardy: The Novels

This book is designed to serve as a practical guide for students and others wishing to improve their skills in the detailed analysis and discussion of Hardy's prose texts. Its aim is to sharpen readers' awareness of the complexity and subtlety of …

2000 | Contemporary Literature | Book

D.H. Lawrence: The Novels

This volume focuses on three widely-studied novels: Sons and Lovers, The Rainbow and Women in Love. Chapters on narrative texture, impulse and emotion in Lawrence's characters, the quest …

1999 | Literature to 1900 | Book

Charlotte Brontë: The Novels

A practical approach to Charlotte Brontë's best- known novels, which shows how coherent criticism can be evolved from close reading. The intention is to help students develop skills in practical criticism and encourage them to follow through their …

1999 | Poetry | Book

John Donne: The Poems

John Donne's poems are some of the most challenging and stimulating in the English literary heritage. This book looks at the entire range of his poetic output, from the erotic to the divine, from satires to sonnets. Through detailed analysis of a …