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Basic Texts in Counselling and Psychotherapy

Basic Texts in Counselling and Psychotherapy
7 Volumes | 2000 - 2015


This series introduces readers to the theory and practice of counselling and psychotherapy across a wide range of topical issues. Ideal for both trainees and practitioners, the books will appeal to anyone wishing to use counselling and psychotherapeutic skills and will be particularly relevant to workers in health, education, social work and related settings. The books in this series are unusual in being rooted in psychodynamic and systemic ideas, yet being written at an accessible, readable and introductory level. Each text offers theoretical background and guidance for practice, with creative use of clinical examples.

All books of the series Basic Texts in Counselling and Psychotherapy

2015 | Book

The Psychoanalytic Craft

How to Develop as a Psychoanalytic Practitioner

This book identifies and explores what is missing in therapy practice, namely the 'craft' aspects of skilled psychoanalytic work: how theories and models are actually used in practice, what kind of reasoning is employed in conducting a session …

2013 | Book

Working with Trauma

Systemic Approaches

The toxic nature of trauma can make it an overwhelming area of work. This book by a recognised expert adopts a systemic perspective, focusing on the individual in context. Very positively, it shows how every level of relationship can contribute to …

2010 | Book

Working with Violence

A Contemporary Psychoanalytic Approach

A psychoanalytic understanding of violence is key to successful treatment strategies. This book draws on the expanding discipline of forensic psychotherapy to explore the theory behind violent behaviour in adults. With key definitions and …

2010 | Book

Psychodynamic Counselling with Children and Young People

An Introduction

Introducing key psychodynamic theory, concepts and techniques, this text examines the challenges and opportunities of counselling adolescents and children. The book explores a wide variety of settings and contexts, from schools to community …

2008 | Book

Working With Adolescents and Young Adults

A Contemporary Psychodynamic Approach

The first edition of this popular book won praise for successfully exploring the inner world of contemporary adolescence. The new edition now also examines issues including self-harm, depression and body image disturbance. Drawing on a flexible …

2003 | Book

Counselling Adults with Learning Disabilities

The major barrier in the way of competent counselling provision for people with learning disabilities is not the presence of a learning disability, but the lack of understand of the relevance of counselling by potential referrers... Sally Hodges …

2000 | Book

Working with Children and Parents through Separation and Divorce

The Changing Lives of Children

Supporting children and families through separation and divorce is a major area of concern in contemporary society. However, it is sometimes hard for those professionals who are helping families to hear the `voice' of the child in this process.