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Britain since 1945

Britain since 1945

Following on from the formative first half of the twentieth century, this field of study looks at how the nation has developed into the Britain we recognise today.

Britain since 1945 - Collection

2017 | Britain since 1945 | Book

The Evolution of the British Welfare State

A History of Social Policy since the Industrial Revolution

An established introductory textbook that provides students with a full overview of British social policy and social ideas since the late eighteenth century. Derek Fraser’s authoritative account is the essential starting point for anyone learning …

Prof. Derek Fraser

2012 | Britain since 1945 | Book

Sport and Politics in Modern Britain

The Road to 2012

Sport has a huge social and cultural significance in contemporary Britain. This insightful study provides the first exploration of the causes and consequences of the increased interaction between sport and the state since 1945.

Kevin Jefferys sets …

Kevin Jefferys

2008 | Britain since 1945 | Book

Youth Culture in Modern Britain, c.1920–c.1970

From Ivory Tower to Global Movement — A New History

This book traces the history of youth culture from its origins among the student communities of inter-war Britain to the more familiar world of youth communities and pop culture. Grounded in extensive original research, it explores the …

David Fowler

2006 | Britain since 1945 | Book

Britain since 1945

Aspects of Identity

Britain since 1945' is an ideal introductory text for students of British Studies, cultural studies and modern British history. Assuming no prior knowledge, Leese offers students of all backgrounds both the essential chronological grounding and …

Peter Leese

2013 | Britain since 1945 | Book

Working Lives

Work in Britain since 1945

A balanced and richly informed survey that investigates how, why and to what degree working lives have been transformed over the last sixty years. McIvor covers themes such as gender, race, class, disability and health in his exploration of how …

Arthur Mcivor

2015 | Britain since 1945 | Book

The Transformation and Decline of the British Empire

Decolonisation After the First World War

The slow retreat of the British empire in the century after the First World War has had dramatic implications for Britain itself, its former colonies and the global balance of power.

The Transformation and Decline of the British Empire provides a …

Spencer Mawby

2010 | Britain since 1945 | Book

Britain’s International Role, 1970–1991

How does one of the world's greatest powers preserve its status and influence when international conditions are unfavourable and its resources do not match its commitments? This was Britain's burden in the 1970s and 1980s when the international …

Michael J. Turner

2013 | Britain since 1945 | Book

A History of the Liberal Party since 1900

Once teetering on the brink of oblivion, the British Liberal Party has again re-established itself as a major force in national and local politics. David Dutton's approachable study offers new insights into the waning, near death and ultimate …

David Dutton

2003 | Britain since 1945 | Book

Twentieth-Century Britain

A Political History

This comprehensive study describes the major political events of the Twentieth-century in Britain in a cogent, lucid way. William D. Rubinstein presents the history, key personnel, problems and achievements of Britain's administrations, from Lord …

William D. Rubinstein

2001 | Britain since 1945 | Book

The British Economy in the Twentieth Century

It is commonplace to assume that the twentieth-century British economy has failed, falling from the world's richest industrial country in 1900 to one of the poorest nations of Western Europe in 2000. Manufacturing is inevitably the centre of this …

Alan Booth

2002 | Britain since 1945 | Book

An Environmental History of Twentieth-Century Britain

Environmental history - the history of the relationship between people and the natural world - is a dynamic and increasingly important field. In An Environmental History of Twentieth-Century Britain, John Sheail breaks new ground in illustrating …

John Sheail

2004 | Britain since 1945 | Book

The Ulster Question Since 1945

This major work of synthesis presents an up-to-date assessment of the issues at the very root of the troubles in Northern Ireland. Framed against the background of Ulster history since the early seventeenth century, the major factors in the …

James Loughlin

1998 | Britain since 1945 | Book

Race Relations in Britain Since 1945

Race Relations in Britain since 1945 provides a critical overview of the origins, development and present state of race relations in Britain. Highly contentious, the field of race relations is closely related to a number of issues which are …

Harry Goulbourne

1998 | Britain since 1945 | Book

British Decolonization, 1946–1997

When, Why and How did the British Empire Fall?

The sudden demise of arguably the world's greatest empire in the years following the Second World War was a momentous event in global history. After nearly four centuries of colonial activity, the British relinquished their empire in a little more …

W. David McIntyre

1997 | Britain since 1945 | Book

A History of the British Labour Party

The rise and partial decline of the Labour party is one of the most debated aspects of twentieth-century British political history. In this vigorously argued, challenging and wide-ranging new book, Andrew Thorpe surveys the history of the Labour …

Andrew Thorpe

1996 | Britain since 1945 | Book

The Eclipse of Great Britain

The United States and British Imperial Decline, 1895–1956

The decline of Great Britain as a world power was the result of long-term economic change and two world wars. Except in a few areas, American authorities did not set out to supplant Britain: indeed until the Second World War they were hesitant …

Anne Orde

1995 | Britain since 1945 | Book

Britain since 1939

Progress and Decline

In addition to politics, the book covers a great many areas of British life: crime, decolonisation, defence, the economy, education, foreign policy, immigration and racism, the media, the monarchy, public opinion, religion, social change, the …

David Childs