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Early modern British history

Early modern British history

Study the three centuries that followed the Middle Ages, during which Britain went through major upheaval in everything from industry to philosophy.

Early Modern British History - Collection

2013 | Early Modern British History | Book

The Wars of the Roses

The civil wars of the first half of the fifteenth century still stand in the popular imagination as the period of greatest anarchy in English history. While historians have long taken a more measured view, controversy still surrounds their …

A. J. Pollard

2006 | Early Modern British History | Book

Henry VIII and the English Reformation

Abandoning the traditional narrative approach to the subject, Richard Rex presents an analytical account which sets out the logic of Henry VIII's short-lived Reformation. Starting with the fundamental matter of the royal supremacy, Rex goes on to …

Richard Rex

2009 | Early Modern British History | Book

British Political Thought, 1500–1660

The Politics of the Post-Reformation

Focusing on the interaction of religion and politics, this is a comprehensive chronological survey of the political thought of post-Reformation Britain which examines the work of a wide range of thinkers.

Glenn Burgess

2009 | Early Modern British History | Book

Oliver Cromwell

New Perspectives

Little integrates the latest research from younger and established scholars to provide a new evaluation and 'biography' of Cromwell. The book challenges received wisdom about Cromwell's rise to power, his political and religious beliefs, his …

Patrick Little

2009 | Early Modern British History | Book

The English Civil War

Conflict and Contexts, 1640–49

John Adamson provides a new synthesis of current research on the political crisis that engulfed England in the 1640s. Drawing on new archival findings and challenging current orthodoxies, these essays by leading historians offer a variety of …

John Adamson

2010 | Early Modern British History | Book

Restoration Politics, Religion, and Culture

Britain and Ireland, 1660–1714

This indispensable introductory guide offers students a number of highly focused chapters on key themes in Restoration history. Each addresses a core question relating to the period 1660-1714, and uses artistic and literary sources – as well as …

George Southcombe, Grant Tapsell

2001 | Early Modern British History | Book

The Politics of the Excluded, c.1500–1850

This collection of essays seeks to shed light on the politics of those people who are normally thought of as being excluded from the political nation in early modern England. If by political nation we mean those who sat in parliament, the …

Tim Harris

2002 | Early Modern British History | Book

The Reign of Elizabeth I

The reign of Elizabeth I was marked by change: England finally became a protestant nation, and England's relations with her neighbours were also changing, in part because of religious controversies. Elizabeth's reign was also significant in terms …

Carole Levin

2004 | Early Modern British History | Book

Politics and War in the Three Stuart Kingdoms, 1637–49

The 1640s were one of the most exciting and bloody decades in British and Irish history. This book interweaves the narrative threads in each theatre of conflict to provide an holistic account and analysis of the wars in and between England …

David Scott

2003 | Early Modern British History | Book

The Myth of Elizabeth

Elizabeth I is one of England's most admired and celebrated rulers. She is also one of its most iconic: her image is familiar from paintings, film and television.
This wide-ranging interdisciplinary collection of essays examines the origins and …

Susan Doran, Thomas S. Freeman

2004 | Early Modern British History | Book

The Kingdom of Ireland, 1641–1760

How did the Protestants gain a monopoly over the running of Ireland and replace the Catholics as rulers and landowners? To answer this question, Toby Barnard:

- examines the Catholics' attempt to regain control over their own affairs, first in the …

Toby Barnard

1999 | Early Modern British History | Book

The Political History of Eighteenth-Century Scotland

This study looks afresh at the assumption that those in the Scottish parliament who voted for the union of 1707 sold their country. The world of Scottish politics after the union is then explored from the perspective of the people at the top of …

John Stuart Shaw

1998 | Early Modern British History | Book

Education in Early Modern England

Covering the period c.1530-c.1760, this book analyses the aims, facilities and achievements across all levels of education in England, institutional and informal, acknowledging in context the education situation in the rest of the British Isles …

Helen M. Jewell

1998 | Early Modern British History | Book

The Causes of the English Civil War

Fully revised and updated, this second edition of the standard textbook on the causes of the English Civil War provides a comprehensive guide to the historiographical debates surrounding this crucial period of English history.

Ann Hughes

1999 | Early Modern British History | Book

England and Europe in the Sixteenth Century

This book provides a thematic survey of English foreign policy in the sixteenth century, focusing on the influence of the concept of honour, security concerns, religious ideology and commercial interests on the making of policy. It draws attention …

Susan Doran

1998 | Early Modern British History | Book

Catholics in Britain and Ireland, 1558–1829

In this new study, Michael Mullett examines the social, political and religious development of Catholic communities in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland from the Reformation to the arrival of toleration in the nineteenth century. The story is a …

Michael A. Mullett

1998 | Early Modern British History | Book

English Puritanism 1603–1689

The Puritans of seventeenth century England have been blamed for everything from the English civil war to the rise of capitalism. But who were the Puritans of Stuart England? Were they apostles of liberty, who fled from persecution to the New …

John Spurr

1998 | Early Modern British History | Book

Popular Religion in Sixteenth-Century England

Holding their Peace

This book is a lively and accessible study of English religious life during the century of the Reformation. It draws together a wide range of recent research and makes extensive use of colourful contemporary evidence. The author explores the …

Christopher Marsh

1998 | Early Modern British History | Book

Local Responses to the English Reformation

This major new study re-examines one of the most controversial issues of early modern history: the impact of the English Reformation upon the English people. It represents an advance from the conventional reign-by-reign narrative to a more …

Robert Whiting

1997 | Early Modern British History | Book

Inventing and Resisting Britain

Cultural Identities in Britain and Ireland, 1685–1789

This book examines the difficulties and challenges which faced attempts to create a British identity. Taking its perspective from the cultural, social and political margins of the British Isles, it demonstrates how fragile the supposed political …

Murray G. H. Pittock