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European history to 1914

European History to 1914

An exploration of the Europe that existed before events in 1914 changed it forever. Discover what led to these events and the history behind them.

European History to 1914 - Collection

2018 | European History to 1914 | Book

France since 1870

Culture, Politics and Society

This thoroughly revised, updated and expanded new edition of an established text surveys the cultural, social and political history of France from the Franco-Prussian War of 1870 and the Paris Commune through to Emmanuel Macron’s presidency.

Charles Sowerwine

2011 | European History to 1914 | Book

Political Thought in the Age of Revolution 1776–1848

Burke to Marx

The years between the American Revolution of 1776, the French Revolution of 1789 and the European Revolutions of 1848 saw fundamental shifts from autocracy to emerging democracy. It is a vital period in what may be termed 'modernity': that is of …

Michael Levin

2010 | European History to 1914 | Book

Nationalism in Germany, 1848–1866

Revolutionary Nation

Mark Hewitson reassesses the relationship between politics and the nation during a crucial period in order to answer the question of when, how and why the process of unification began in Germany. He focuses on how the national question was …

Mark Hewitson

2010 | European History to 1914 | Book

The Thirty Years War

A Sourcebook

An edited and annotated collection of translated documents on the Thirty Years War, providing students with accessible source material on this destructive conflict. Covering all aspects of the war from a variety of contemporary perspectives, it …

Peter H. Wilson

2015 | European History to 1914 | Book

Documents on the Second French Empire, 1852–1870

In December 1851, Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte seized power in a coup d'état, believing he was destined to rule France and restore her to her former glory. He was committed to the modernisation of France through significant infrastructure investment …

Roger Price

2013 | European History to 1914 | Book

European Identity

A Historical Reader

What is Europe? A continent? A political institution? A cultural community? Bringing together 101 key texts on the theme of European identity, this reader provides essential insights into the idea of 'Europe', from 450 BC to the twenty first …

Alex Drace-Francis

2010 | European History to 1914 | Book

The Terror in the French Revolution

We now live with the threat and the reality of political terror and terrorists. The French Revolution was the first occasion when a democratic government used terror as a political weapon, executing thousands of people for political crimes. What …

Hugh Gough

2012 | European History to 1914 | Book

The Long European Reformation

Religion, Political Conflict, and the Search for Conformity, 1350–1750

Peter G. Wallace adeptly interweaves the influential events of the early modern religious reformation with the transformations of political institutions, socio-economic structures, gender relations, and cultural values throughout Europe. In this …

Peter G. Wallace

2012 | European History to 1914 | Book

Brandenburg-Prussia, 1466–1806

The Rise of a Composite State

Karin Friedrich locates the composite state of Brandenburg-Prussia in its historical, political, religious and economic context, from the demise of the Teutonic Knights in the fifteenth century to the Napoleonic crisis. Synthesising debates in …

Karin Friedrich

2009 | European History to 1914 | Book

The Rise and Fall of the Spanish Empire

At its peak the Spanish empire stretched from Italy and the Netherlands to Peru and the Philippines. Its influence remains very significant to the history of Europe and the Americas. Maltby provides a concise and readable history of the empire's …

William S. Maltby

2006 | European History to 1914 | Book

The Origins of the French Revolution

The French Revolution, an event of world historical importance that gave birth to modern politics, has long been a subject of debate. Naturally, the question of its origins remains a key area of controversy. This collection of essays by a team of …

Peter R. Campbell

2005 | European History to 1914 | Book

Seventeenth-Century Europe

State, Conflict and Social Order in Europe, 1598–1700

This thematically organised text provides a compelling introduction and guide to the key problems and issues of this highly controversial century. Offering a genuinely comparative history, Thomas Munck adeptly balances Eastern and Southern Europe …

Thomas Munck

2004 | European History to 1914 | Book

Beyond Calvin

The Intellectual, Political and Cultural World of Europe’s Reformed Churches, c. 1540–1620

An international community of Reformed churches emerged during the sixteenth century. Although attempts were made by Calvinists to reach agreement over key beliefs, and to establish uniformity in patterns of worship and church government, there …

Graeme Murdock

2001 | European History to 1914 | Book

Philip II

Four hundred years after his death, Philip II remains one of the most controversial figures in history, admired and reviled in equal measure. He is a figure of global importance, the first ruler on whose territories the sun never set. He led …

Patrick Williams

2004 | European History to 1914 | Book

Sweden in the Seventeenth Century

The history of Sweden in the seventeenth century is perhaps one of the most remarkable political success stories of early modern Europe. Little more than a century after achieving independence from Denmark, Sweden - an impoverished and …

Paul Douglas Lockhart

2003 | European History to 1914 | Book

The German Reformation

Over the past twenty years, new approaches to the history of the Reformation of the Church have radically altered our understanding of that event within its broadest social and cultural context. In this classic study R. W. Scribner provided a …

R. W. Scribner, C. Scott Dixon

2001 | European History to 1914 | Book

Crown and Nobility in Early Modern France

This book analyses the evolving relationship between the French monarchy and the French nobility in the early modern period. New interpretations of the absolutist state in France have challenged the orthodox vision of the interaction between the …

Donna Bohanan

2003 | European History to 1914 | Book

Napoleon and the Transformation of Europe

Creating a French Empire and establishing French dominance over Europe constituted Napoleon's most important and consistent aims. In this fascinating book, Alexander Grab explores Napoleon's European policies, as well as the response of the …

Alexander Grab

2003 | European History to 1914 | Book

The Habsburg Monarchy, 1490–1848

Attributes of Empire

The Habsburg monarchy was a singular experiment in diversity within the European continent. By the eighteenth century it stretched from the Austrian Netherlands to the Balkans and southern Poland, and south into Italy. Its subjects spoke a number …

Paula Sutter Fichtner

2001 | European History to 1914 | Book

Moltke and the German Wars, 1864–1871

The Prussian army invented modern war processes, and Helmuth von Moltke (1800 - 1891) was the first modern war planner. His accomplishment was to develop, bring to fruition and validate the war processes invented during his lifetime. In this book …

Arden Bucholz