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Gender history

Gender history

Explore gender-related issues, inequalities and problems that have been present throughout history, and learn how they influence the societies we live in in today.

Gender History - Collection

2013 | Gender History | Book

Sex, Gender and Social Change in Britain since 1880

Sexual attitudes and behaviour have changed radically in Britain between the Victorian era and the twenty-first century. However, Lesley A. Hall reveals how slow and halting the processes of change have been, and how many continuities have …

Lesley A. Hall

2012 | Gender History | Book

Making Men: The Formation of Elite Male Identities in England, c.1660–1900

A Sourcebook

The power and status of English male elites were not merely inherited at birth but developed through everyday interactions with family, peers and guardians. Much of these conversations were conducted through correspondence. In this fascinating …

Mark Rothery, Henry French

2007 | Gender History | Book

Gender and Fatherhood in the Nineteenth Century

Despite current debate over the paternal role, fatherhood is a relatively new area of investigation in literary, historical and cultural studies. The contributors to this illustrated, interdisciplinary volume - one of the first extended …

Trev Lynn Broughton, Helen Rogers

2011 | Gender History | Book

Gender, Catholicism and Spirituality

Women and the Roman Catholic Church in Britain and Europe, 1200–1900

This timely collection of essays on British and European Catholic spiritualities explores how ideas of the sacred have influenced female relationships with piety and religious vocations over time. Each of the studies focuses on specific persons or …

Laurence Lux-Sterritt, Carmen M. Mangion

2010 | Gender History | Book

Women in British Politics, c. 1689–1979

This account examines some of the areas of women's political activity in Britain from the Glorious Revolution to the election of the first female Prime Minister in 1979. It shows how women had worked in a variety of arenas and organizations before …

Krista Cowman

2009 | Gender History | Book

Women, Crime and Justice in England since 1660

Shani D'Cruze and Louise A. Jackson provide students with a lively overview of women's relationship to the criminal justice system in England, exploring key debates in the regulation of 'respectable' and 'deviant' femininities over the last four …

Shani D’Cruze, Louise A. Jackson

2012 | Gender History | Book

Women and Gender in Twentieth-Century China

Paul J. Bailey provides the first analytical study in English of Chinese women's experiences during China's turbulent twentieth century. Incorporating the very latest specialized research, and drawing upon Chinese cinema and autobiographical …

Paul J. Bailey

2015 | Gender History | Book

Women and the Women’s Movement in Britain since 1914

This new edition of an established text brings the history of the women's movement in Britain right up to the present day. Updated and expanded, the third edition features a new final chapter focusing on the parliamentary breakthrough of 1997 and …

Martin Pugh

2010 | Gender History | Book

Women in Twentieth-Century Italy

Over the course of the twentieth century, the rapid transformation of Italy from an impoverished, predominantly agricultural nation to one of the strongest economies in the world forged a fascinating and contradictory society where gender …

Perry Willson

2010 | Gender History | Book

Gender, Mastery and Slavery

From European to Atlantic World Frontiers

Gender, family and sexual relations defined human slavery from its classical origins in Europe to the rise and fall of race-based slavery in the Americas. Gender, Mastery and Slavery is one of the first books to explore the importance of men and …

William Henry Foster

2004 | Gender History | Book

Women in France since 1789

The Meanings of Difference

This compelling study traces the changes in women's lives in France from 1789 to the present. Susan K. Foley surveys the patterns of women's experiences in the socially-segregated society of the early nineteenth century, and then traces the …

Susan K. Foley

2004 | Gender History | Book

Women in Early Modern Britain, 1450–1640

Although in its infancy, the history of women in Wales and Scotland before and during the Reformation is now thriving. A longer tradition of historical studies has shed light on many areas of women's experience in England. Drawing on this …

Christine Peters

2002 | Gender History | Book

Writing Women’s History since the Renaissance

The complaint of Catherine Morland in Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey, that history has 'hardly any women at all' is not an uncommon one. Yet there is evidence to suggest that women have engaged in historical writing since ancient times.

This study …

Mary Spongberg

2005 | Gender History | Book

Women in Nineteenth-Century Europe

During the nineteenth century, European women of all countries and social classes experienced dramatic and enduring changes in their familial, working and political lives. However, the history of women at this time is not one of unmitigated …

Rachel G. Fuchs, Victoria E. Thompson

1999 | Gender History | Book

Women in Britain since 1900

This is the first text devoted exclusively to women in Britain since 1900 which covers the whole century. The author combines evidence from primary research, with an emphasis on personal testimony, with the most up-to-date work of specialist …

Sue Bruley