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Human Computer Interaction

Human Computer Interaction

Computer and technology use is a ubiquitous part of daily life. The design process of programs and hardware to facilitate a high quality user experience is a crucial part of computer science.

2019 | Book

Mindful Design

How and Why to Make Design Decisions for the Good of Those Using Your Product

Learn to create seamless designs backed by a responsible understanding of the human mind. This book examines how human behavior can be used to integrate your product design into lifestyle, rather than interrupt it, and make decisions for the good …

Scott Riley

2014 | Computer Science | Book

Foundations for Designing User-Centered Systems

What System Designers Need to Know about People

Foundations for Designing User-Centered Systems introduces the fundamental human capabilities and characteristics that influence how people use interactive technologies. Organized into four main areas—anthropometrics, behaviour, cognition and …

Frank E. Ritter, Gordon D. Baxter, Elizabeth F. Churchill