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Human Development and Psychology

Human Development and Psychology

Discover how an understanding of people’s social, psychological and physical processes can help inform and improve practice.

Human Development and Psychology

2017 | Human Development and Psychology | Book

Early Childhood Studies

A Multidisciplinary Approach

The new go-to text for Early Childhood Studies, this comprehensive book provides an essential introduction to the field. Written in a fresh and interesting style, the book covers topics such as early childhood in a global context; historical and ...

Jennifer Willan

2015 | Human Development and Psychology | Book

A-Z of Psychodynamic Practice

If you are searching for a clear exploration of the key concepts in psychodynamic thinking and practice, then this is the book for you.

In this book Jeffrey Longhofer unravels the complex field of psychodynamic practice and lays it out in an …

Jeffrey Longhofer

2014 | Human Development and Psychology | Book

Psychology for Social Work Theory and Practice

This new edition from a trusted author team bridges the gap between psychological theory and social work practice. Revisited and re-structured to reflect the changing social work context, it provides an authoritative introduction to the key ideas …

Paula Nicolson, Rowan Bayne

2006 | Human Development and Psychology | Book

Applied Psychology for Social Workers

This compact and practical text applies key ideas, skills and research from psychology to contemporary social work in a variety of settings, making it easily accessible to students. Substantially revised to take account of the latest developments …

Paula Nicolson, Rowan Bayne, Jenny Owen

2017 | Human Development and Psychology | Book

A-Z of Transitions

Looking for a comprehensive one-stop resource on transitions across the life course? Then look no further.

This concise reference book unpacks the far-reaching topic of transitions, delivered in an accessible A-Z format that allows the reader quick …

Divya Jindal-Snape

2014 | Human Development and Psychology | Book

Thinking about the Lifecourse

A Psychosocial Introduction

How we change over time - who we love, what work we do, how we die - is shaped both by internal, and external influences. This book explores the important subject of human growth and development by combining the social context of how people live …

Liz Frost, Stuart McClean

2016 | Human Development and Psychology | Book

Psychology for Social Work

A Comprehensive Guide to Human Growth and Development

This exciting core text book is an engaging and accessible introduction to understanding human behaviour and development from a psychological perspective. Written by a psychologist with extensive teaching experience, it offers a clear and …

Emma Zara O’Brien

2014 | Human Development and Psychology | Book

A Critical Approach to Human Growth and Development

A Textbook for Social Work Students and Practitioners

What does it mean to be human? This critical text from a well-respected author captures and interrogates the many models which have been developed to explore and explain human behaviour. Informed by sociological, psychological and biological …

Paula Nicolson

2011 | Human Development and Psychology | Book

Attachment Across the Lifecourse

A brief introduction

This succinct and highly readable book from one of Palgrave’s best-selling authors offers the perfect introduction to a fascinating and fast-growing field. It explains the key concepts in attachment theory and describes how the main attachment …

David Howe