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International Relations

International Relations - Collection

Concerned with some of the most challenging questions in politics, International Relations covers the relationships between states and how to respond to global threats, including terrorism, warfare and development.

2018 | International Relations Collection | Book

Rethinking Humanitarian Intervention

Two leading experts in the field re-examine the traditional understanding of humanitarian intervention in this major new text. The recent high-profile interventions in Iraq, Libya and Syria show the various international responses to impending or …

Prof. Alex Bellamy, Dr. Stephen McLoughlin

2018 | International Relations Collection | Book

The Politics and IR Companion

This succinct but comprehensive textbook leads students through the various aspects of their Politics and IR degree. It includes a clear overview of the issues, theories, methods and controversies with which scholars across the discipline have …

Dr. Robert Leach, Dr. Simon Lightfoot

2018 | International Relations Collection | Book

Rethinking Asia's Economic Miracle

The Political Economy of War, Prosperity and Crisis

In the new edition of this important contribution to understanding both the Asian economic miracle and the 1997-8 crisis, Richard Stubbs assesses the main explanations to date and updates the analysis to take account of globalization and the …

Prof. Richard Stubbs

2018 | International Relations Collection | Book

International Relations Theory

A New Introduction

This is a major new edition of a highly-regarded textbook on International Relations theory which combines deep analysis into the diversity of thought within the major scholarly traditions and the guidance for students on doing their own …

Prof. Knud Erik Jørgensen

2010 | International Relations Collection | Book

The Origins of the Cold War

A lively and accessible new introduction to the origins and emergence of the Cold War. Caroline Kennedy-Pipe brings to life the clashes of ideas and personalities that led Russia and America into decades of conflict and draws out important lessons …

Caroline Kennedy-Pipe

2007 | International Relations Collection | Book

Rethinking Globalization

Today the debates on globalization between its evangelists and detractors are still raging. In this concise, balanced and accessible new text, Nick Bisley assesses the nature and extent of globalization, the key debates surrounding it and its …

N. Bisley

2016 | International Relations Collection | Book

Rethinking Regionalism

Since the late 1980s, there has been a global upsurge of various forms of regionalist projects. The widening and deepening of the European Union (EU) is the most prominent example, but there has also been a revitalization or expansion of many …

Fredrik Söderbaum

2016 | International Relations Collection | Book

The Global Energy Challenge

Environment, Development and Security

The supply and demand of energy, its security and environmental sustainability are increasingly central issues in the contemporary world. This broad-ranging new text provides an international and interdisciplinary introduction to today's …

Caroline Kuzemko, Michael F. Keating, Andreas Goldthau

2017 | International Relations Collection | Book

International Security

Politics, Policy, Prospects

This innovative new text focuses on the politics of international security: how and why issues are interpreted as threats to international security and how such threats are managed. After a brief introduction to the field and its major theories …

Michael E. Smith

2014 | International Relations Collection | Book

Regionalism and Globalization in East Asia

Politics, Security and Economic Development

This book examines the distinctive evolution of the political and economic relationships of East Asia. It does this by placing East Asian development in the unique historical circumstances that have underpinned its rise to power over the last few …

Mark Beeson

2011 | International Relations Collection | Book

Regional and Local Economic Development

From the growth of a multi-billion-dollar high-technology corridor in Malaysia to conflict over housing development in Chicago, the practice of regional and local economic development around the world is both dynamic and diverse. Regional and …

Cliff Hague, Euan Hague, Carrie Breitbach

2015 | International Relations Collection | Book

Rethinking Hegemony

Hegemony has long been a key concept within the study of International Relations, as well as across the social sciences more generally, and a term used by analysts to make sense of contemporary events. Drawing on a rich historical framework, this …

Owen Worth

2015 | International Relations Collection | Book

Rethinking Soviet Communism

The Soviet Union and the communist ideology on which it was founded were central to a great number of people's lives and pivotal to international relations for decades, most clearly in giving rise to the Cold War. Soviet Communism provided an …

Peter Shearman

2010 | International Relations Collection | Book

Rethinking Imperialism

Imperialism has become a key focus of debate about world politics in the post-9/11 world. This major new text provides a systematic reappraisal of the evolution of the phenomenon and the concept from the 19th century as the basis for a …

Ray Kiely

2015 | International Relations Collection | Book


A Critical Introduction

This major new text provides an accessible yet intellectually rigorous introduction to contemporary Security Studies. It focuses on eight fundamental debates relating to international security, integrating a wide range of empirical issues and …

Lee Jarvis, Jack Holland

2015 | International Relations Collection | Book

Maintaining Peace and Security?

The United Nations in a Changing World

The security concerns of the United Nations today extend far beyond what the writers of the 1945 Charter could have imagined. As a result, the UN has been compelled to reconsider the parameters of what constitutes a threat to international peace …

Trudy Fraser

2008 | International Relations Collection | Book

Business, Government and Globalization

The rise of globalization and heightened debate over trade, protection, competition, and the environment have created unprecedented challenges for businesses and governments worldwide. These are systematically assessed in this important new text.

Owen E. Hughes, Deirdre O’Neill

2012 | International Relations Collection | Book

The Responsibility to Protect

Rhetoric, Reality and the Future of Humanitarian Intervention

From Kosovo to Libya, humanitarian intervention is seldom out of the news. While the 'Responsibility to Protect' (R2P) has often been at the centre of these debates, its effectiveness as a means of preventing and resolving mass atrocities is ...

Aidan Hehir

2012 | International Relations Collection | Book

Rethinking the Vietnam War

The Vietnam War is one of the defining conflicts of the twentieth century: not only did it divide American society at every level; the conflict also represented a key shift in Asian anti-colonialism and shaped the course of the Cold War. Despite ...

John Dumbrell

2013 | International Relations Collection | Book

Understanding American Power

The Changing World of US Foreign Policy

This broad-ranging assessment of US power in the twenty-first century covers not just the nature and mechanics of foreign policy but the broad array of economic, military, political, social and ideological forces that shape America's global …

Bryan Mabee