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International Relations - Core Titles

2019 | Book

Introduction To International Relations

Perspectives, Connections, And Enduring Questions

The hotly awaited second edition of this bestselling introductory textbook provides a truly comprehensive and accessible guide to international affairs. Bringing together the combined decades of experience in researching and teaching global …

Joseph Grieco, G. John Ikenberry, Michael Mastanduno

2020 | Political Science | Book

The Age of Migration

International Population Movements in the Modern World

Long established as the leading textbook on migration and used by students and scholars alike all over the world, this fully revised and updated sixth edition continues to offer an authoritative and cutting-edge account of migration flows, why …

Dr. Hein de Haas, Prof. Stephen Castles, Prof. Mark J. Miller

2018 | Book

Introduction to Global Studies

This textbook provides a multidisciplinary introduction to Global and International Studies. Offering unrivalled breadth and depth, it covers all the key dimensions of the topic, including broad introductions to international politics and …

John McCormick

2017 | Book

Issues in 21st Century World Politics

The third edition of this popular textbook offers a comprehensive and authoritative introduction to the key questions that will confront anyone interested in world politics for decades to come. Written at the end of US hegemony, in the midst of …

Mark Beeson, Nick Bisley

2014 | Political Science | Book

Global Politics

The extensively revised new edition of Global Politics provides a systematic and integrated analysis of the theory and practice of contemporary international relations.

Written with outstanding clarity and drawing on an exceptionally wide range of … 

Andrew Heywood

2013 | Political Science | Book

Theories of International Relations

The fully updated and revised fifth edition of this widely-used text provides a comprehensive survey of leading perspectives in the field. Updated throughout to take account of major events and developments, such as the Arab Spring, it also …

Scott Burchill, Andrew Linklater, Richard Devetak, Jack Donnelly, Terry Nardin, Matthew Paterson, Christian Reus-Smit, Jacqui True

2019 | Book

Understanding International Relations

The fifth edition of this bestselling textbook offers a comprehensive and engaging introduction to International relations and has been fully updated to cover the dramatic changes in recent world politics. Written in the author’s unique and engaging style, the text explores everything from foreign policy and security to global governance and the global economy, to show how the theories and concepts Brown outlines are the only way to make sense of contemporary issues and events.

Chris Brown