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Medieval history

Medieval history

Encompassing everything from enlightened philosophers to bloodthirsty battles, Medieval history includes many important historical discoveries and humanity’s first forays into science and technology.

Medieval History Collection

2013 | Medieval History | Book

Queenship in Medieval Europe

Medieval queens led richly complex lives and were highly visible women active in a man's world. Linked to kings by marriage, family, and property, queens were vital to the institution of monarchy.

In this comprehensive and accessible introduction …

Theresa Earenfight

2014 | Medieval History | Book

The Medieval Papacy

During the Middle Ages, the popes of Rome claimed both spiritual authority and worldly powers, vying with emperors for supremacy, ruling over the Papal States, and legislating the norms of Christian society. They also faced profound challenges to …

Brett Edward Whalen

2015 | Medieval History | Book

Kings and Bishops in Medieval England, 1066–1216

The relationship between kings and bishops in Medieval England could be tricky. Thomas Becket summed it up succinctly when he said to Henry II, 'You are my lord, you are my king, you are my spiritual son.' Bishops were the king's greatest …

Roger Wickson

2013 | Medieval History | Book

Europe’s Long Twelfth Century

Order, Anxiety and Adaptation, 1095–1229

Between 1095 and 1229, Western Europe confronted a series of alternative cultural possibilities that would fundamentally transform its social structures, its intellectual life, and its very identity. It was a period of difficult decisions and …

John D. Cotts

2013 | Medieval History | Book

Britain, Ireland and the Crusades, c.1000–1300

From 1095 to the end of the thirteenth century, the crusades touched the lives of many thousands of British people, even those who were not crusaders themselves. In this introductory survey, Kathryn Hurlock compares and contrasts the crusading …

Kathryn Hurlock

2013 | Medieval History | Book

The Communal Age in Western Europe, c.1100–1800

Towns, Villages and Parishes in Pre-Modern Society

An essential introductory survey of the towns, villages and parishes in which people lived in the medieval and early modern periods. Beat Kumin assesses the similarities, differences and the wider significance of these communities for European …

Beat Kümin

2013 | Medieval History | Book

Conquest and Colonisation

The Normans in Britain, 1066–1100

1066 is still one of the most memorable dates in British history. In this accessible text, Brian Golding explores the background to the Norman invasion, the process of colonisation, and the impact of the Normans on English society.

Thoroughly …

Brian Golding

2009 | Medieval History | Book

Late Medieval France

A fresh introduction to the political history of late medieval France duing the turbulent period of the Hundred Years' War, taking into account the social, economic and religious contexts. Graeme Small considers not just the monarchy but also …

Graeme Small

2012 | Medieval History | Book

Villagers and Lords in Eastern Europe, 1300–1800

This new study provides an up-to-date survey of social and economic developments in early modern Eastern European rural societies. Markus Cerman revises the traditional images of mighty lords and poor, powerless 'serf peasants', discussing the …

Markus Cerman

2016 | Medieval History | Book

England and Scotland, 1286–1603

On a stormy night in 1286, a man fell off his horse and broke his neck, setting two kingdoms on a 300-year course of war. Edward I seized the opportunity to pursue English claims to overlordship of Scotland; William Wallace and Robert Bruce headed …

Andy King, Claire Etty

2003 | Medieval History | Book

Church and Society In England 1000–1500

What impact did the Church have on society? How did social change affect religious practice? Within the context of these wide-ranging questions, this study offers a fresh interpretation of the relationship between Church, society and religion in …

Andrew Brown

2002 | Medieval History | Book

Medieval European Pilgrimage, c.700–c.1500

Medieval pilgrimage was, above all, an expression of religious faith, but this was not its only aspect. Men and women of all classes went on pilgrimage for a variety of reasons, sometimes by choice, sometimes involuntarily. They made both long and …

Diana Webb

2004 | Medieval History | Book

Medieval Warfare

Theory and Practice of War in Europe 300–1500

Warfare in medieval times was never static or predictable - although there were ideals and conventions to follow, in the field commanders had to use their initiative and adapt to the needs of the moment. In this concise, wide-ranging study, Helen …

Helen Nicholson

2003 | Medieval History | Book

The Hundred Years War

Although the term 'Hundred Years War' was not coined until the 1860s, the Anglo-French conflicts of the later Middle Ages have long been of interest to historians. A fundamental question remains - was this a feudal war fought over ancient English …

Anne Curry

1996 | Medieval History | Book

The Making of Orthodox Byzantium, 600–1025

The book is a clear, up-to-date, reassessment of the Byzantine empire during a crucial phase in the history of the Near East. Against a geopolitical background (well-illustrated with 14 maps), it covers the last decade of the Roman empire as a …

Mark Whittow

1999 | Medieval History | Book

Orders And Hierarchies In Late Medieval And Renaissance Europe

Just as class is a key term for understanding modern Europe, so hierarchy and order are the key terms for the earlier period. These exceptional essays by some of the leading historians in the field are designed to allow students to get a better …

Jeffrey Denton

1999 | Medieval History | Book

Kingship and Government in Pre-Conquest England c.500–1066

This book is a study of the exercise of royal authority before the Norman Conquest. Six centuries separate the 'adventus Saxonum' from the battle of Hastings: during those long years, the English kings changed from warlords, who exacted submission …

Ann Williams

1999 | Medieval History | Book

The Evolution of English Justice

Law, Politics and Society in the Fourteenth Century

The importance of the fourteenth century for the development of English law has long been recognised. The shocks and challenges of that period - the murder of the incompetent Edward II, Edward III's ever escalating military demands for the war in …

Anthony Musson, W. M. Ormrod

1998 | Medieval History | Book

The Invention of the Crusades

What were the 'Crusades'? Were the great Christian expeditions to invade the Holy Land in fact 'Crusades' at all? In this radical and compelling new treatment, Christopher Tyerman questions the very nature of our belief in the Crusades, showing …

Christopher Tyerman

1997 | Medieval History | Book

Medieval Germany 500–1300

A Political Interpretation

Medieval Germany, 500-1300 is an interpretation of the foundation of Germany based upon the three most outstanding characteristics of the medieval polity: its division into several distinct peoples with their own customs, dialects, and economic …

Benjamin Arnold