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Modern British history

Modern British history

Encompassing some of the greatest advances in British history, this period also contains some of Britain’s most recognisable characters, from the Georgians to the Victorians.

Modern British History Collection

2018 | Modern British History | Book

A Short History of the British Industrial Revolution

The industrial revolution stands out as a key event not simply in British history, but in world history, ushering in as it did a new era of sustained economic prosperity. But what exactly was the 'industrial revolution'? And why did it occur in …

Dr. Emma Griffin

2008 | Modern British History | Book

A History of Conservative Politics since 1830

The second edition of this successful text has been thoroughly updated to take into account recent research, and now begins at 1830. Charmley examines the history of the party and takes the story through the recent 'wilderness years' following the …

John Charmley

2014 | Modern British History | Book

Protest, Politics and Work in Rural England, 1700–1850

Rural workers in eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century England were not passive victims in the face of rapid social change. Carl J. Griffin shows that they deployed an extensive range of resistances to defend their livelihoods and communities.

Carl J. Griffin

2011 | Modern British History | Book

The Irish Diaspora in Britain, 1750–1939

This established study focuses on the most important phase of Irish migration, providing analysis of why and how the Irish settled in Britain in such numbers. Updated and expanded, the new edition now extends the coverage to 1939 and features new …

Donald M. MacRaild

2007 | Modern British History | Book

The French Revolution Debate in Britain

The Origins of Modern Politics

Gregory Claeys explores the reception of the French Revolution in Britain through the medium of its leading interpreters. Claeys argues that the major figures - Thomas Paine, Edmund Burke, Mary Wollstonecraft, William Godwin and John Thelwall - …

Gregory Claeys

2010 | Modern British History | Book

Britain and the Sea

Since 1600

O'Hara presents the first general history of Britons' relationship with the surrounding oceans from 1600 to the present day. This all-encompassing account covers individual seafarers, ship-borne migration, warfare and the maritime economy, as well …

Glen O’Hara

2009 | Modern British History | Book

Political Movements in Urban England, 1832–1914

A critical introduction to the mass political movements that came of age in urban England between the Great Reform Act of 1832 and the start of World War One. Roberts provides a guide to the new approaches to topics such as Chartism, parliamentary …

Matthew Roberts

2010 | Modern British History | Book

Histories of Crime

Britain 1600–2000

Providing a rounded and coherent history of crime and the law spanning the past 400 years, Histories of Crime explores the evolution of attitudes towards crime and criminality over time. Bringing together contributions from internationally …

Anne-Marie Kilday, David Nash

2002 | Modern British History | Book

The Great Irish Famine

Impact, Ideology and Rebellion

The Great Irish Famine of 1845-51 was both one of the most lethal famines in modern history and a watershed in the development of modern Ireland. This book - based on a wide range of little-used sources - demonstrates how the Famine profoundly …

Christine Kinealy

2003 | Modern British History | Book

British Imperialism

What was British imperialism and was it an important element of modern globalization? Were economic, political or military factors paramount in imperial expansion? Do post-colonial theories assist or mislead historians? How have histories of …

Robert Johnson

2003 | Modern British History | Book

Poverty in Britain, 1900–1965

How was poverty measured and defined, and how has this influenced our judgement of the change in poverty in Britain during the first sixty years of the twentieth century? During this period, a large number of poverty surveys were carried out, the …

Ian Gazeley

2005 | Modern British History | Book

The Royal Navy since 1815

A New Short History

This book fills an important gap in the literature on the history of the modern Royal Navy. Eric Grove provides the only up-to-date, single-authored short history of the service over the last two hundred years, synthesizing the new work and latest …

Eric J. Grove

1999 | Modern British History | Book

Decolonisation and the British Empire, 1775–1997

This book combines an analysis of the ideas and policies that governed the British experience of decolonization. It shows how the British, perhaps more correctly the English, political tradition, with its emphasis on experience over abstract …

D. George Boyce

1999 | Modern British History | Book

State, Society and the Poor

In Nineteenth-Century England

Today it is impossible to separate discussion of poverty from the priorities of state welfare. A hundred years ago, most working-class households avoided or coped with poverty without recourse to the state. The Poor Law after 1834 offered little …

Alan Kidd

1999 | Modern British History | Book

A History of British Trade Unionism 1700–1998

This new history of British trade unionism offers the most concise and up-to-date account of 300 years of trade union development, from the earliest documented attempts at collective action by working people in the eighteenth century through to …

W. Hamish Fraser

1998 | Modern British History | Book

Education in Britain, 1750–1914

This concise study covers the development of education throughout Great Britain from the Industrial Revolution to the Great War: a period in which urbanization, industrialization and population growth posed huge social and political problems, and …

W. B. Stephens

1998 | Modern British History | Book

Crime, Policing and Punishment in England, 1750–1914

One of the fastest-growing and most exciting areas of historical research in recent years has been the study of crime and the criminal. The intrinsic fascination of the subject is enhanced by the fact that between the mid eighteenth century and …

David Taylor

1999 | Modern British History | Book

Sir Robert Peel

Sir Robert Peel (1788-1850) is always remembered for three things: his creation of the Metropolitan Police, his principal role in the repeal of the Corn Laws and his status as founder of the modern Conservative Party. This is quite sufficient to …

T. A. Jenkins

1998 | Modern British History | Book

Lloyd George

One of the most charismatic and controversial of British politicians, David Lloyd George had a profound impact on the country; as a Welsh radical, as an Edwardian social reformer and as 'the man who won the war'.

Lloyd George was centrally involved …

Ian Packer

1998 | Modern British History | Book

John Stuart Mill

John Stuart Mill (1806-1873) was one of Britain's greatest philosophers and radical politicians, whose views had a profound influence on thinking on liberty, social policy and gender relations. William Stafford's accessible study outlines Mill's …

William Stafford