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How computers connect and pass information from each other has developed from physical cables to wireless networks and cloud technology. It continues to be a core element of computer science study.

2018 | Book

Program the Internet of Things with Swift for iOS

Learn How to Program Apps for the Internet of Things

Learn how to build apps using Apple’s native APIs for the Internet of Things, including the Apple Watch, HomeKit, and Apple Pay. You'll also see how to interface with popular third-party hardware such as the Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and the FitBit …

Ahmed Bakir

2013 | Computer Science | Book

An Introduction to Network Programming with Java

Java 7 Compatible

Since the second edition of this text, the use of the Internet and networks generally has continued to expand at a phenomenal rate. This has led to both an increase in demand for network software and to improvements in the technology used to run …

Jan Graba

2013 | Computer Science | Book

Communications and Networking

An Introduction

This textbook presents a detailed introduction to the essentials of networking and communications technologies. Revised and updated, this new edition retains the step-by-step approach of the original, organised to help those without a strong …

John Cowley

2016 | Computer Science | Book

Cloud as a Service

Understanding the Service Innovation Ecosystem

See how the principles of Service Science govern the dynamics driving the adoption of cloud computing in the industry.

Cloud as Service shows you how the evolution of enterprise computing platforms to application-specific cloud platforms (ASCPs) …

Enrique Castro-Leon, Robert Harmon

2015 | Computer Science | Book

How Clouds Hold IT Together

Integrating Architecture with Cloud Deployment

Gain the practical knowledge you need to plan, design, deploy, and manage mixed cloud and on-premises IT management systems. Drawing on his experience as senior principal software architect at CA Technologies, Marvin Waschke lays out the nuts and …

Marvin Waschke