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Personal Development and Employability

Personal Development and Employability

Titles in this important area support the development of the softer skills required by students and graduates in order to fulfil their potential and enjoy a successful career in today’s competitive workplace.

Personal Development and Employability Collection

2013 | Personal Development and Employability | Book

The Graduate Career Guidebook

Written by experienced careers advisor Steve Rook, this indispensable guide will help readers to develop the skills they need to land their dream job. It breaks the career planning process down into manageable steps, from ...

Steven Rook

2016 | Personal Development and Employability | Book

How to Succeed at Assessment Centres

With more students graduating than ever, it's imperative to get ahead in the graduate job market. This book guides you through interviews and assessment centres and teaches you how to succeed. Featuring practical exercises and advice from both …

Kathleen Houston, Eileen Cunningham

2017 | Personal Development and Employability | Book

Graduate Entrepreneurship

How to Start Your Business after University

Have you ever thought about starting a business but didn't know where to start? Maybe you've pondered the possibility but don't have any business ideas. Or perhaps you graduated a while ago and are considering a more entrepreneurial career. This …

Michael Tefula

2016 | Personal Development and Employability | Book

Work Experience, Placements and Internships

Through pedagogical techniques, self-assessment and personal reflection, this book provides students and graduates with a comprehensive guide to work experience, placements and internships. It offers essential support for every stage of the …

Steve Rook

2016 | Personal Development and Employability | Book

Social Media for Your Student and Graduate Job Search

With over half of employers screening potential candidates through social media and 94% using it to locate new employees, social media is an increasingly important aspect of job hunting and recruitment. Correctly used, it will help you to create …

Marielle Kelly

2016 | Personal Development and Employability | Book

Excel at Graduate Interviews

How to Make the Best Impression with Recruiters

This practical guide is packed with targeted guidance on navigating each aspect of the interview process, from planning for an interview to creating a strong first impression, so that students can approach interviews with...

Bruce Woodcock