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Planning, Environment, Cities

Planning, Environment, Cities
12 Volumes | 2008 - 2017


This series is primarily aimed at students and practitioners of planning and such related professions as estate management, housing and architecture as well as those in politics, public and social administration, geography and urban studies. It comprises both general texts and books designed to make a more particular contribution, in both cases characterized by: an international approach; extensive use of case studies; and emphasis on contemporary relevance and the application of theory to advance planning practice.
* Andrew Thornley was series co-editor with Yvonne Rydin up to his retirement from the role in January 2017.

All books of the series Planning, Environment, Cities

2017 | Public Mgt, Admin, Policy Collection | Book

Planning the Mobile Metropolis

Transport for people, places and the planet

Our economic welfare and social well-being depend on our mobility. But our means of travel threaten the planet's sustainability. In this innovative text, Luca Bertolini shows how mobility planning - which takes seriously the demands of both urban …

2016 | Public Mgt, Admin, Policy Collection | Book

Management Skills for Effective Planners

A Practical Guide

Introducing the major theories, issues and concepts in contemporary Political Theory, this text is a comprehensive and engaging introduction to the field. The book examines a range of topics to explore questions such as: …

2016 | Public Mgt, Admin, Policy Collection | Book

Urban Resilience

Planning for Risk, Crisis and Uncertainty

As the cities of the world increasingly come under threat from crisis and disaster, planners are searching for ways to build resilience into the foundations of modern urban centres.

This important book provides a comprehensive account of the theory …

2016 | Public Mgt, Admin, Policy Collection | Book

Urban Planning

An Introduction

This is a wide-ranging and internationally-focussed introduction to planning for the urban landscape. It provides an up-to-date account of planning, reflecting throughout on the need for sustainable, efficient and equitable solutions to planning …

2015 | Public Mgt, Admin, Policy Collection | Book

Sustainable Cities

Governing for Urban Innovation

Interest in the sustainable city is growing around the world and with it come important questions about governing sustainable urban development. Why are there blockages to achieving the goal of a sustainable city? How is it possible to overcome …

2015 | Public Mgt, Admin, Policy Collection | Book

Environmental Planning in Context

This innovative introduction to environmental planning is designed for an international readership. Each of the book's chapters focuses on a key question in environmental planning and works through principles which are appropriate in any national …

2012 | Public Mgt, Admin, Policy Collection | Book

Spatial Planning and Governance

Understanding UK Planning

A major new introduction to the UK planning system. It outlines the evolution and use of the new spatial planning approach which is increasingly adopted at all levels of the UK planning system from European through to the national, regional …

2011 | International Relations Collection | Book

Regional and Local Economic Development

From the growth of a multi-billion-dollar high-technology corridor in Malaysia to conflict over housing development in Chicago, the practice of regional and local economic development around the world is both dynamic and diverse. Regional and …

2011 | Public Mgt, Admin, Policy Collection | Book

Planning World Cities

Globalization and Urban Politics

This major comparative text on urban planning, and the global and regional context in which it takes place, examines what have been traditionally regarded as 'world cities' (New York, London, Tokyo) and also a range of other important cities in …

2010 | Public Mgt, Admin, Policy Collection | Book

Making Better Places

The Planning Project in the Twenty-First Century

A major new introduction to planning by one of the leading figures in the field. This text goes beyond description of planning's central ideas and practices to stress the importance of its potential to improve the quality of life in the 21st …

2009 | Book

Planning Theory

Planning theory has undergone significant changes in recent decades. The revised and updated 2nd edition of this popular text provides a wide-ranging and up-to-date analysis of these changes, how they relate to planning practice, and their …

2008 | Public Mgt, Admin, Policy Collection | Book

Planning and Diversity in the City

Redistribution, Recognition and Encounter

Planning theory and practice has become more conscious in recent times of the need to cater for a diverse range of needs and preferences. But there has been less clarity about what goals and objectives should inform planning for such diversity.