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Political Analysis

Political Analysis - Collection

Introducing the plurality of philosophies, approaches, concepts and methods used in the study of politics and government, Political Analysis equips you with the tools necessary to flourish as political scientists.

2020 | Political Analysis Collection | Book

Doing Feminist Research in Political and Social Science

Guiding students step-by-step through the research process while simultaneously introducing a range of debates, challenges and tools that feminist scholars use, the second edition of this popular textbook provides a vital resource to those …

Prof. Brooke A. Ackerly, Dr. Jacqui True

2013 | Political Analysis Collection | Book

The Legitimation of Power

The new edition of this classic text provides a comprehensive introduction to the concept of legitimacy as applied to political systems. Now addressing the issue of legitimacy beyond the state, the book also includes a new introduction and two …

David Beetham

2013 | Political Analysis Collection | Book

Strategies for Comparative Research in Political Science

Written by a prominent figure in the field, this book provides an accessible introduction to comparative methodology. Drawing on a wide range of approaches throughout, it is essential reading for anyone wanting to understand or research in this …

B. Guy Peters

2015 | Political Analysis Collection | Book

The Relevance of Political Science

What does political science tell us about important real-world problems and issues? And to what extent does and can political analysis contribute to solutions? Debates about the funding, impact and relevance of political science in contemporary …

Gerry Stoker, B. Guy Peters, Jon Pierre

2010 | Political Analysis Collection | Book

New Directions in Political Science

Responding to the Challenges of an Interdependent World

Written by a team of leading scholars, this new text focuses on a range of key challenges posed by developments in 21st century politics to provide a state-of-the-art assessment of current thinking and future directions in Political Science and …

Colin Hay

2011 | Political Analysis Collection | Book

Rational Choice Theory

Potential and Limits

Few approaches in political science have generated so much controversy as rational choice theory. Some claim that the approach has made political science scientific. Its critics argue that it involves unrealistic assumptions about individual …

Lina Eriksson

2016 | Political Analysis Collection | Book

The Philosophy and Methods of Political Science

This original account of the role of philosophy and methodology in political science gets back to the basics of studying politics. Cutting through long-standing controversies across different theoretical camps within the discipline, Dowding …

Keith Dowding

2010 | Political Analysis Collection | Book

Beyond Paradigms

Analytic Eclecticism in the Study of World Politics

While paradigm-bound research has generated powerful insights in international relations, it has fostered a tunnel vision that hinders progress and widens the chasm between theory and policy. In this important new book, Sil and Katzenstein draw …

Rudra Sil, Peter J. Katzenstein

2017 | Political Analysis Collection | Book

Gender and Political Analysis

Johanna Kantola, Emanuela Lombardo

2011 | Political Analysis Collection | Book

Doing Political Science and International Relations

Theories in Action

This is an ideal introduction for all embarking on a degree in Politics or International Relations. Starting from the premise that the 'doing' of political science is an active, and interactive, process of critical evaluation, it addresses the …

Heather Savigny, Lee Marsden

2009 | Political Analysis Collection | Book

Power and the State

In this important new text, Martin Smith reassesses traditional debates about power and how they understand the nature and impact of the state. He develops an analysis of the new forms of state power that have developed in response to the …

Martin J. Smith

2006 | Political Analysis Collection | Book

The State

Theories and Issues

Broad-ranging in its coverage and truly international in scope, this major new text introduces all the main competing theoretical approaches to the study of the state as well as key contested issues in relation to globalization, new forms of …

Colin Hay, Michael Lister, David Marsh

2013 | Political Analysis Collection | Book

Why Institutions Matter

The New Institutionalism in Political Science

This important new text provides a broad-ranging introduction to the 'new' institutional theories which have become increasingly influential in recent years and gives an assessment of their application and utility in political analysis.

Vivien Lowndes, Mark Roberts

2016 | Political Analysis Collection | Book

Research Design in Political Science

This is a comprehensive introduction to research design for university students at all levels across the whole range of political science, including international relations and public administration. It covers the key steps in the research process …

Dimiter Toshkov

2008 | Political Analysis Collection | Book

Research Methods in Politics

The second edition of this popular text provides a comprehensive introduction to the main research methods employed in the study of politics and assessment of their strengths and limitations and of ethical issues in research. It has been revised …

Peter Burnham, Karin Gilland Lutz, Wyn Grant, Zig Layton-Henry