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Political Economy

Political Economy - Collection

The World economy has changed dramatically in recent years as a result of the global economic crisis and rising economic actors. These developments are the focus of Political Economy today.

2009 | Book

The Spectre at the Feast

Capitalist Crisis and the Politics of Recession

After a long feast of prosperity in the western world, the crisis in the financial markets has conjured up an old spectre – the spectre of capitalist crisis, which many thought had been finally exorcised. On past experience, a full-blown capitalist crisis would bring with it ...

Andrew Gamble

2014 | Political Science | Book

Comparative Political Economy

States, Markets and Global Capitalism

This new textbook provides an authoritative analysis of Comparative Political Economy and how it can help us to understand the global capitalist marketplace in the 21st century in all its variant forms. The author provides broad-ranging empirical …

Ben Clift

2019 | Book

States Versus Markets

Understanding the Global Economy

Now in its fourth edition, this highly regarded and critically acclaimed textbook offers an authoritative introduction to international political economy. It is unique in offering an accessible, broad introduction to the development of the global …

Herman Mark Schwartz

2014 | Political Science | Book

Crisis Without End?

The Unravelling of Western Prosperity

This major re-assessment by a leading political economist shows that the 2008 financial crash was no ordinary crisis, but the harbinger of a much deeper convulsion comparable to the major past crises of capitalism. While it is still uncertain …

Andrew Gamble

2015 | Political Science | Book

Economic Growth and Development

A Comparative Introduction

Widening economic inequalities across the globe today can be understood as the historical consequences of different drivers of growth. This important new text examines the proximate factors of labour, capital and productivity across a range of …

Matthew McCartney

2014 | Political Science | Book

Issues and Actors in the Global Political Economy

A major new text on contemporary global political economy that focuses centrally on key issues and actors. Concise and accessibly written, it provides an ideal introduction to the contemporary dynamics and processes of change in the global …

André Broome

2012 | Political Science | Book

The Political Economy of European Welfare Capitalism

A state-of-the-art assessment of welfare provision, policy and reform at national and at EU level which spans the whole of Europe - East, West and Central. Uniquely broad-ranging in scope, and covering the latest research findings and theoretical …

Colin Hay, Daniel Wincott

2018 | Book

Political Economy of 21st Century Europe

A broad-ranging assessment of the complex changes in Europe's diverse and complex mix of national and European capitalisms as they respond to the challenges of globalization and from rising powers, of competitiveness, ageing populations and …

Dr. Dermot McCann