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Political Theory

Political Theory - Collection

What is justice? What is freedom? How should human beings best be governed? What is politics for? Each of these questions fall under the territory of Political Theory.

2020 | Book

Global Justice

Do we have moral duties to people in distant parts of the world? If so, how demanding are these duties? And how can they be reconciled with our obligations to fellow citizens?

Every year, millions of people die from poverty-related causes while …

Dr. James Christensen

2005 | Book


A Radical View

The second edition of this seminal work includes the original text, first published in 1974, alongside two major new chapters. Power: A Radical View assesses the main debates about how to conceptualize and study power, including the influential …

Steven Lukes

2019 | Book

Environmental Political Thought

Interests, Values and Inclusion

This textbook offers a comprehensive overview of the most prominent theories, concepts and debates in environmental political thinking. In doing so, Robert Garner – an esteemed scholar in the field – offers a foundation from which readers can …

Prof. Robert Garner

2017 | Book

Theories of Nationalism

A Critical Introduction

This widely-used and highly-acclaimed text provides a comprehensive and balanced introduction to the main theoretical perspectives on nationalism. The 3rd edition has been revised and updated throughout and includes a new chapter on the practical …

Umut Özkirimli

2019 | Book

History of Western Political Thought

The third edition of this highly-regarded core textbook offers an accessible and impressively comprehensive account of Western political thought over the last two millennia. Structured in four main parts, the chapters are organised around a wide …

John Morrow

2015 | Book

Political Ideology in Britain

As well as introducing the "mainstream" ideologies of Liberalism, Conservatism and Socialism, this text examines challenges from nationalist, feminist and Green thinkers, amongst others. Now in its ...

Robert Leach

2016 | Political Science | Book

Applying Political Theory

Issues and Debates

Fully revised and extended, the new edition of this innovative and engaging textbook introduces the central elements of political theory from an applied perspective. Focusing on 12 high-profile contemporary social and political case studies, both …

Katherine Smits

2008 | Political Science | Book

A New Politics of Identity

Political Principles for an Interdependent World

The New Politics of Identity pursues many of the central issues raised in the author's Rethinking Multiculturalism focusing in particular on their consequences for global politics. Parekh develops a theory of identity that combines respect for …

Bhikhu Parekh

2016 | Political Science | Book

Contemporary Political Theory

Introducing the major theories, issues and concepts in contemporary political theory, this text is a comprehensive and engaging introduction to the field. The book examines a range of topics to explore questions such as:

• What kinds of political …

Andrew Shorten

2012 | Political Science | Book

Deliberative Democracy

A Critical Introduction

In spite of the global diffusion of democracy and a general commitment to democratic values, there is a widespread alienation from the political process in advanced democracies. Deliberative democracy has received much attention in recent years as …

Zsuzsanna Chappell

2007 | Political Science | Book


This wide-ranging text identifies and assesses the main conceptions of democracy from participationist to elitist. It proceeds to consider in detail a range of key issues in democratic theory in relation to which these conceptions can be …

Albert Weale

2014 | Political Science | Book

Human Rights

What are human rights? Why do we have them? How do we know for sure which rights are specific to humans? And how should we respond when we disagree on them and on the obligations we owe to others who claim human rights? These are just a few of the …

Kerri Woods

2015 | Political Science | Book

International Political Theory

An Introduction

This innovative text explores international relations with the tools of political theory. In so doing, it contributes to and advances the idea of international political theory.

The book focuses on four key concepts – authority, rules, rights, and …

Anthony F. Lang Jr

2010 | Political Science | Book


The substantially revised third edition of this widely-used text introduces nine major theoretical approaches and their key protagonists, including a new chapter on global justice, and assesses their ability to generate clear, consistent and …

Tom Campbell

2010 | Political Science | Book

Political Obligation

How should we understand the relationship between citizens and governments, and what are the obligations of citizens? In this substantially revised new edition of an influential text, John Horton challenges dominant theories by offering an …

John Horton

2009 | Political Science | Book

The Democratic Challenge

Rethinking Democracy and Democratization

This text provides a critical but systematic overview of democratic theory and practice in the contemporary world. The authors show that recent developments are more complex than admitted by proponents of the idea of a democratic world with, what …

Jorge Nef, Bernd Reiter

2009 | Political Science | Book

Theories of the Democratic State

We live in a world governed by states whose enduring importance and domination of contemporary politics has been strikingly underlined by their renewed activism in the face of a global economic crisis.

Yet the very nature of states remains deeply …

John S. Dryzek, Patrick Dunleavy

2017 | Book

Politics and Social Theory

The Inescapably Social, the Irreducibly Political

Under present social conditions, neither social theorists nor political scientists can afford to ignore one another. This book is a clear, structured account of the relationship between politics and social theory, examining both the political …

Will Leggett