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Public Mgt, Admin & Policy

Public Management, Administration and Policy - Collection

Providing an understanding of the context in which public organisations and services operate as well as the ways in which professionals working in this space manage and practice.

2020 | Public Mgt, Admin, Policy Collection | Book

Governance, Politics and the State

Having started out as a new and alternative way of thinking about policy making and governing more broadly, governance is now established as a dominant paradigm in understanding national, subnational and global politics.

The long-awaited second …

Jon Pierre, B Guy Peters

2019 | Public Mgt, Admin, Policy Collection | Book

Understanding Public Leadership

A new edition of a popular textbook that provides a systematic and up-to-date introduction to the different approaches to understanding leadership in the public sector. This text draws together a wide range of enduring and cutting-edge scholarship …

Prof. Paul 't Hart, Prof. Lars Tummers

2018 | Public Mgt, Admin, Policy Collection | Book

Comparative Public Policy

The second edition of this popular textbook combines coverage of public policies in different countries with the conceptual and methodological frameworks for analysing them. This new edition pays particular attention to the international contexts …

Dr. Anneliese Dodds

2018 | Public Mgt, Admin, Policy Collection | Book

Comparative Health Policy

A broad-ranging introduction to the provision, funding and governance of health care across a variety of systems. This revised fifth edition incorporates additional material on low/middle income countries, as well as broadened coverage relating to …

Robert H. Blank, Dr. Viola Burau, Ellen Kuhlmann

2017 | Public Mgt, Admin, Policy Collection | Book

Planning the Mobile Metropolis

Transport for people, places and the planet

Our economic welfare and social well-being depend on our mobility. But our means of travel threaten the planet's sustainability. In this innovative text, Luca Bertolini shows how mobility planning - which takes seriously the demands of both urban …

Luca Bertolini

2017 | Public Mgt, Admin, Policy Collection | Book

Planning Theory

In the 3rd edition of the leading introductory textbook to planning theory, Allmendinger provides a wide-ranging and up-to-date analysis of planning theories, how these relate to planning practice, and their significance. Moving away from a …

Philip Allmendinger

2014 | Public Mgt, Admin, Policy Collection | Book

Urban Theory

A Critical Assessment

This wide-ranging and state-of-the-art new edition reviews the classic contributions to understanding modern and post-modern cities, and is comprehensively updated to take account of the issues and concepts at stake in 21st century urban theory.

John Rennie Short

2015 | Public Mgt, Admin, Policy Collection | Book

Public Management

Performance, Professionalism and Politics

This major new text on the theory and practice of public management moves away from descriptive accounts of its evolution to provide a systematic treatment of the key paradigms of public management today. It examines their competing outlooks …

Mirko Noordegraaf

2008 | Public Mgt, Admin, Policy Collection | Book

Planning and Diversity in the City

Redistribution, Recognition and Encounter

Planning theory and practice has become more conscious in recent times of the need to cater for a diverse range of needs and preferences. But there has been less clarity about what goals and objectives should inform planning for such diversity.

Ruth Fincher, Kurt Iveson

2015 | Public Mgt, Admin, Policy Collection | Book

Sustainable Cities

Governing for Urban Innovation

Interest in the sustainable city is growing around the world and with it come important questions about governing sustainable urban development. Why are there blockages to achieving the goal of a sustainable city? How is it possible to overcome …

Simon Joss

2012 | Public Mgt, Admin, Policy Collection | Book

Spatial Planning and Governance

Understanding UK Planning

A major new introduction to the UK planning system. It outlines the evolution and use of the new spatial planning approach which is increasingly adopted at all levels of the UK planning system from European through to the national, regional …

Mark Tewdwr-Jones

2015 | Public Mgt, Admin, Policy Collection | Book

Environmental Planning in Context

This innovative introduction to environmental planning is designed for an international readership. Each of the book's chapters focuses on a key question in environmental planning and works through principles which are appropriate in any national …

Iain White

2016 | Public Mgt, Admin, Policy Collection | Book

Urban Planning

An Introduction

This is a wide-ranging and internationally-focussed introduction to planning for the urban landscape. It provides an up-to-date account of planning, reflecting throughout on the need for sustainable, efficient and equitable solutions to planning …

Chris Couch

2016 | Public Mgt, Admin, Policy Collection | Book

Management Skills for Effective Planners

A Practical Guide

Introducing the major theories, issues and concepts in contemporary Political Theory, this text is a comprehensive and engaging introduction to the field. The book examines a range of topics to explore questions such as: …

Dory Reeves

2016 | Public Mgt, Admin, Policy Collection | Book

Urban Resilience

Planning for Risk, Crisis and Uncertainty

As the cities of the world increasingly come under threat from crisis and disaster, planners are searching for ways to build resilience into the foundations of modern urban centres.

This important book provides a comprehensive account of the theory …

Jon Coaffee, Peter Lee

2011 | Public Mgt, Admin, Policy Collection | Book

Public Policy in the Community

The idea of community involvement and empowerment has become central to politics in recent years. Governments, keen to reduce public spending and increase civic involvement, believe active communities are essential for tackling a range of social …

Marilyn Taylor

2013 | Public Mgt, Admin, Policy Collection | Book

Public Management in the United Kingdom

A New Introduction

From the 'Third Way' reforms of the 1990s to today's prospect of a post-bureaucracy era, the management of the UK's public services has been radically overhauled in recent decades. This important new text provides a complete introduction to the …

June Burnham, Sylvia Horton

2008 | Public Mgt, Admin, Policy Collection | Book

Community Care

Policy and Practice

This new edition has been updated to reflect recent shifts in community and social care whilst still providing the authoritative account of its historical development. Particular attention is paid to partnerships between health and social care …

Robin Means, Sally Richards, Randall Smith

2009 | Public Mgt, Admin, Policy Collection | Book

Health Policy in Britain

Systematically updated throughout, the 6th edition of this leading text takes the story of health policy to the end of the Blair era and into the early years of the Brown premiership. It offers a clear and thorough introduction to the history of …

Christopher Ham

2011 | Public Mgt, Admin, Policy Collection | Book

Local Government in the United Kingdom

During its 13 years of office, Labour's modernization agenda transformed the world of UK local government. Amidst a starkly altered political and economic climate the coalition government formed in 2010 pledged to implement equally radical changes …

David Wilson, Chris Game