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Public Management Admin and Policy - Core Titles

2020 | Political Science | Book

Public Policy

A New Introduction

A comprehensive introduction to public policy and the policy cycle, the fully revised second edition of this popular textbook offers a practical guide to the topic while remaining underpinned by cutting-edge research. Bringing together analysis of …

Christoph Knill, Jale Tosun

2017 | Political Science | Book

The 21st Century Public Manager

Truly global in scope and ambition, the 21st Century Public Manager addresses key trends, challenges, and opportunities facing public managers across contexts and regimes. This accessible textbook aims to inspire public managers in rethinking …

Dr. Zeger van der Wal

2018 | Book

Public Management and Administration

Introducing the scope and scale of government, competing approaches to the study of management in the public sector, different forms of service delivery and the major topics in the subject such as strategic management, leadership and performance …

Owen E. Hughes

2016 | Political Science | Book

Understanding Public Administration

Public administration – the practice of producing and executing government policy by bureaucrats, politicians, managers and other officials – affects almost everything we encounter in our day-to-day lives. Public administrators are – at least …

Michiel S. de Vries

2020 | Political Science | Book

Understanding Public Policy

Theories and Issues

The fully revised second edition of this textbook offers a comprehensive introduction to theories of public policy and policymaking. The policy process is complex: it contains hundreds of people and organisations from various levels and types of …

Prof. Paul Cairney