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Research and Study Skills

Research and Study Skills

Learning how to research and study effectively
is an invaluable skill at university and beyond. The books
below will help you understand how to use your time
and effort in an effective way to maximise your potential.

Research and Study Skills - Collection

2019 | Study and Research Skills | Book

Doing Projects and Reports in Engineering

Written specifically for engineering students, this handbook is packed with practical guidance on conducting projects and writing clear and coherent reports. It takes students step-by-step through the key stages in a project, from identifying the …

Samuel Brüning Larsen

2018 | Study Skills | Book

How to Use Your Reading in Your Essays

Reading is part and parcel of academic writing, and knowing which sources to include in assignments and how to go about this process can be challenging. That's where this handy guide comes in. With over twenty years' experience in the field …

Jeanne Godfrey

2018 | Study Skills | Book

Report Writing

Practical and concise, this is the essential guide to writing effective reports. It shows students how to tailor report structures and conventions to different audiences and purposes and how to manage changes in format and requirements, so that …

Michelle Reid

2018 | Study Skills | Book

14 Days To Exam Success

This practical, supportive guide steers students through a 14-day revision programme, showing them how to make the most of the time available to them to maximise results. Based on tried and tested revision techniques, it shows students how to …

Lucinda Becker

2009 | Study Skills | Book

Brilliant Writing Tips for Students

Packed with top tips on grammar, structure and style, this handy guide provides succinct and practical guidance on students’ most common writing concerns. Each tip is accompanied by authentic examples of student writing, suggested rewrites and …

Julia Copus

2014 | Study Skills | Book

Posters & Presentations

This practical pocket guide provides valuable advice on how to communicate ideas through effective posters and presentations. Following a clear, four-stage approach, the book encourages students to think, plan, do and reflect and brings the advice …

Emily Bethell, Clare Milsom

2016 | Study Skills | Book

Presentation Skills for Students

This is the essential guide to the most transferable of all student skills: delivering a presentation clearly, coherently and confidently. Written in a friendly and accessible style, it takes the fear out of public speaking and helps students to …

Joan van Emden, Lucinda Becker

2014 | Study and Research Skills | Book

Student Procrastination

Seize the Day and Get More Work Done

Provides research based advice and practical suggestions to help students beat procrastination and perform better at university or college. Written by a recent graduate, the author gives students a chance to explore the root causes of …

Michael Tefula

2010 | Study Skills | Book

Success in Groupwork

Using examples of real students’ successful group projects, this succinct and supportive guide will help students tackle group assignments with confidence. Bite-sized chapters take students from forming a group and establishing roles through to …

Peter Hartley, Mark Dawson

2014 | Study Skills | Book

Getting Critical

This concise, no-nonsense guide shows students how to adopt a critical approach in order to unlock their academic potential. It explains why students need to be critical and provides practical advice on how they can integrate critical analysis …

Kate Williams

2018 | Study and Research Skills | Book

Writing for Engineers

This book is full of practical advice and useful examples to help students and engineers write clearly, accurately and impressively. This updated fourth edition features new material on technical notes, inspection reports and business cases, along …

Joan van Emden, Dr. Lucinda Becker

2017 | Study Skills | Book

Doing Research

This concise and easy-to-use guide provides students with the skills needed for planning and doing research well, whatever their course of study. Short, succinct chapters take students through the process one step at a time, from planning their …

Gary Thomas

2017 | Study Skills | Book

Referencing & Understanding Plagiarism

This concise and user-friendly guide explains why referencing is an essential part of good writing and shows students how to reference correctly. It also develops students’ understanding of what plagiarism is and how they can avoid it in their …

Kate Williams, Mary Davis

2016 | Study Skills | Book

Smart Thinking

How to Think Conceptually, Design Solutions and Make Decisions

We all have the ability to think conceptually and creatively, but for many of us this potential lies untapped. Smart Thinking will teach you how to generate your own original ideas, create new concepts, assess risk, solve problems and make …

Bryan Greetham

2015 | Study and Research Skills | Book

Get Sorted!

How to Make the Most of Your Student Experience

This book is about you. It's about how you can shape your student experience based on what matters to you. It helps you to 'get sorted', take control and make the most of your time at college or university.

This unique and practical self-coaching …

Jeff Gill, Will Medd