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Reshaping Social Work Series

Reshaping Social Work Series
12 Volumes | 2008 - 2019


The Reshaping Social Work series aims to develop the knowledge base for critical, reflective practitioners. Each book is designed to support students on qualifying social work programmes and update practitioners on crucial issues in today's social work, strengthening research knowledge, critical analysis and skilled practice to shape social work to meet future challenges.

All books of the series Reshaping Social Work Series

2019 | Social Work Practice | Book

Global Mindedness in International Social Work Practice

'International' social work is too often used as a bolt on subject which considers 'others' outside the 'national' framework. Instead this book encourages readers to embrace the concept of 'globally minded social work practice’. This means paying …

2017 | Ethics and Values | Book

Values in Social Work

Reconnecting with Social Justice

Principles of social justice lie at the heart of the social work profession. This book examines the current climate of social work practice and the challenges presented by neoliberalism. It puts forward a model for reconnecting with more …

2015 | Social Work Practice | Book

Social Work and Community Development

A Critical Practice Perspective

At a time of growing social, economic and environmental challenge, this book offers a fresh and engaging perspective on the connections between social work and community development and on how social workers can use a community development …

2014 | Social Work Theory and Methods | Book

Doing Radical Social Work

This is the first book to provide social workers with an applicable model for radical practice. Through examining the current state of social work in the UK and looking at the radical approaches that have developed over the years, this book …

2014 | Social Work with Adults | Book

Adult Social Care Law in England

Social work law is at the foundation of all social work practice, from shaping professional boundaries to determining the level of intervention. Every case is complex and unique and therefore requires different legal treatment; this means it is …

2012 | Social Policy and Social Work Law | Book

Social Work and Social Policy under Austerity

What has the contemporary financial context meant for social policy, social work and the relationship between them? Examining the role of political, economic and societal forces, this lively book uses a full range of supportive features to …

2011 | Social Work Practice | Book

Anti-Racist Practice in Social Work

A critical introduction to key debates about race and racism, this new addition to the Reshaping Social Work series examines race as a social construct. It addresses the origins of anti-racist practice and analyses practical issues to provide a …

2010 | Social Work Practice | Book

Spirituality and Social Work

Written by two leading authors in the field, Social Work and Spiritualityprovides a critical engagement with the concept of spirituality and a much needed framework for the integration of spiritual care in mainstream practice. It isfundamental …

2009 | Social Work Practice | Book

Social Care Practice in Context

In this clear and insightful book, best selling author Malcolm Payne analyses the major elements of social care practice, explaining how caring and social work skills and values are crucial to effective social care.

Through theory, research …

2009 | Social Work with Adults | Book

Critical Issues in Social Work With Older People

This timely text highlights the importance of informed and critical practice in social work with older people. With an emphasis on reflection throughout, it argues for the need to rethink how social workers support some of the most vulnerable …

2008 | Social Work Skills and Communcation | Book

Social Work Research for Social Justice

Students of social work need to understand the contribution of research, as part of this evidence base, to effective practice. This textbook introduces students to a range of research methods at a practical level and sensitises them to the …

2008 | Social Work Practice | Book

Social Work and Power

Power is an unavoidable issue in social work. This important text explores these complex issues, both at a conceptual and applied level, in order to give students a clear understanding of the theoretical frameworks relevant to practice and to help …