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Social and Ethical Issues

Social/Ethical Issues

As our use of computing technology increasingly forms part of our daily lives both professionally and socially, the ethical implications need to be constantly considered by computer scientists.

2019 | Book

Data versus Democracy

How Big Data Algorithms Shape Opinions and Alter the Course of History

Human attention is in the highest demand it has ever been. The drastic increase in available information has compelled individuals to find a way to sift through the media that is literally at their fingertips. Content recommendation systems have …

Kris Shaffer

2019 | Book

Ethical and Secure Computing

A Concise Module

This engaging textbook highlights the essential need for a strong ethical framework in our approach to computer, information and engineering science. Through thought-provoking questions and case studies, the reader is challenged to consider the …

Prof. Joseph Migga Kizza

2012 | Computer Science | Book

A Brief History of Computing

This lively and fascinating text traces the key developments in computation – from 3000 B.C. to the present day – in an easy-to-follow and concise manner. Topics and features: ideal for self-study, offering many pedagogical features such as …

Gerard O'Regan

2016 | Computer Science | Book

Applied Computer Science

The second edition of this introductory text includes an expanded treatment of collisions, agent-based models, and insight into underlying system dynamics. Lab assignments are accessible and carefully sequenced for maximum impact. Students are …

Shane Torbert

2017 | Book

Guide to Computer Network Security

This fully revised and updated new edition of the definitive text/reference on computer network and information security presents a comprehensive guide to the repertoire of security tools, algorithms and best practices mandated by the technology …

Joseph Migga Kizza

2010 | Computer Science | Book

Elements of Computer Security

As our society grows ever more reliant on computers, so it also becomes more vulnerable to computer crime. Cyber attacks have been plaguing computer users since the 1980s, and computer security experts are predicting that smart telephones and …

David Salomon

2013 | Computer Science | Book

Ethical and Social Issues in the Information Age

This new edition examines the ethical, social, and policy challenges stemming from computing and telecommunication technology, and mobile information-enabling devices.
Features: establishes a philosophical framework and analytical tools for …

Joseph Migga Kizza

2016 | Computer Science | Book

Introduction to the History of Computing

A Computing History Primer

Tracing the story of computing from Babylonian counting boards to smartphones, this inspiring textbook provides a concise overview of the key events in the history of computing, together with discussion exercises to stimulate deeper investigation …

Gerard O'Regan

2014 | Computer Science | Book

What Is Computer Science?

An Information Security Perspective

This engaging and accessible text addresses the fundamental question: What Is Computer Science? The book showcases a set of representative concepts broadly connected by the theme of information security, for which the presentation of each topic …

Daniel Page, Nigel Smart