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Social Work, Disability and Mental Health

Social Work, Disability and Mental Health

Learn how to help enable and improve the lives of people with diverse and often complex needs.

Social Work, Disability and Mental Health

2019 | Social Work, Disability and Mental Health | Book

Peer Support in Mental Health

In recent years, the concepts of peer support, self-help and self-management have moved from the periphery of mental health care toward the centre, and have fast become mainstream approaches to supporting well-being. Peer Support in Mental Health …

Emma Watson, Sara Meddings

2009 | Social Work, Disability and Mental Health | Book

Understanding Disability

From Theory to Practice

In this absorbing text by a leading writer and respected activist, theory, policy, historical background and personal experience are combined to give readers a rich and illuminating picture of the key issues raised by …

Michael Oliver

2001 | Social Policy and Social Work Law | Book

Mental Health Policy in Britain

The second edition of this acclaimed book offers a critical analysis of the transition from institutional to community care for people with mental health problems. Despite the almost complete abandonment of the old Victorian asylum system, the …

Anne Rogers, David Pilgrim

2001 | Social Work, Disability and Mental Health | Book

Mental Disorder and Community Safety

This book explores how we can preserve the integrity of mental health provision in an age when community safety is dominant. Emphasising throughout the mentally disordered in the community, the book examines existing controls and services - …

Philip Bean
Jo Campling

2007 | Social Work, Disability and Mental Health | Book

Journeys through mental illness

Clients’ experiences and understandings of mental distress

At a time when service users' perspectives are increasingly recognized in healthcare, this seminal book highlights the importance of clients' perceptions of all aspects of mental illness. It examines the implications of these understandings …

Juliet L. H. Foster

2013 | Social Work, Disability and Mental Health | Book

Learning Disability Policy and Practice

Changing Lives?

Highlighting examples of positive, evidence based practice throughout, this book explores working with people with learning disabilities at all life stages. With contributions from people with learning disabilities and their families, its …

Val Williams

2017 | Social Work, Disability and Mental Health | Book

Mental Health

A practical understanding of the Mental Health Act is essential for social workers, as well as other health and social care professionals. This succinct yet comprehensive book sets out sections of the MHA, from civil and criminal routes into …

Christine Hutchison, Neil Hickman

2016 | Social Work, Disability and Mental Health | Book

a–z of learning disability

If you are looking for an incisive overview of current thinking and practice in the field of learning disabilities, then this is the book for you.

Written by a highly experienced team of authors, this handy pocket-sized guide succinctly captures …

Angela Olsen, Dan Redfearn, Andrea Pepe

2016 | Social Work with Adults | Book

Working with Dual Diagnosis

A Psychosocial Perspective

In the UK it is estimated that a third of patients in mental health services have a substance abuse problem, and that half of patients in drug and alcohol services have a mental health problem. Part of Palgrave's Foundations of Mental Health …

Darren Hill, William J. Penson, Divine Charura

2012 | Social Work, Disability and Mental Health | Book

Interdisciplinary Working in Mental Health

Presenting a model for interdisciplinary working, this book offers an overview of practice and policy across a range of mental health settings. It explores how to combine skills, theories and expertise from a range of disciplines in response to …

Di Bailey

2012 | Social Work, Disability and Mental Health | Book

Social Work with Disabled People

Having gone through 30 years of development, the new edition of this highly-regarded classic is the most trusted companion for understanding and promoting the potential for social work with disabled people. It offers readers a clear introduction …

Michael Oliver, Bob Sapey, Pam Thomas

2013 | Social Work with Adults | Book

Recovery and Mental Health

A Critical Sociological Account

For most of us, the term 'recovery' in mental health implies hope and normality for those suffering from emotional distress. It is understandable why recovery has therefore become a significant goal for mental …

David Pilgrim, Ann McCranie

2015 | Social Policy and Social Work Law | Book

Mental Health Policy and Practice

This highly regarded book offers a clear and considered guide to modern mental health policy and practice. Building on the success of previous editions, this third edition provides: …

Jon Glasby, Jerry Tew

2012 | Social Work, Disability and Mental Health | Book

Working with Disabled People in Policy and Practice

A Social Model

Part of Palgrave's Interagency Working in Health and Social Care series, this book explores the policy and practice which frames work with disabled people. Providing a critical review of the mainstream services available to disabled people, it …

Sally French, John Swain

2012 | Social Work, Disability and Mental Health | Book

The New Politics of Disablement

Disability luminary Mike Oliver is joined by Colin Barnes in this agenda-setting response to a capitalist society faced with globalisation, financial instability and lower public expenditure. A timely new edition which reignites the debate on the …

Michael Oliver, Colin Barnes

2009 | Social Work with Adults | Book

Psychiatric Drugs

Key Issues and Service User Perspectives

Over 60 million psychiatric drugs are prescribed in England every year. This lively and provocative overview provides the most complete examination to date of the lived experience of taking psychiatric drugs. The book examines the consequences of …

Jim Read

2017 | Social Policy and Social Work Law | Book

Beyond the Risk Paradigm in Mental Health Policy and Practice

Modern society is increasingly preoccupied with fears for the future and the idea of preventing ‘the worst’. The result is a focus on attempting to calculate the probabilities of adverse events occurring – in other words, on measuring risk. Since …

Sonya Stanford, Elaine Sharland, Nina Rovinelli Heller, Joanne Warner

2016 | Ethics and Values | Book

Values and Ethics in Mental Health

An Exploration for Practice

Mental health is the one area of health care where people are often treated against their will, with the justification that it is in their own interest. This raises significant ethical questions and value dilemmas; questions of autonomy, human …

Alastair Morgan, Anne Felton, Bill K. W. M. Fulford, Jayasree Kalathil, Gemma Stacey

2016 | Social Work, Disability and Mental Health | Book

From Psychiatric Patient to Citizen Revisited

Combatting mental health stigma and discrimination has moved from a radical idea in the 1990s to mainstream policy today. However, there are huge questions about how to do it effectively, and the journey to get equal life chances is still a long …

Liz Sayce

2012 | Social Work, Disability and Mental Health | Book

International Perspectives on Mental Health

Critical Issues across the Lifespan

Mental distress is not exclusive to any particular group but touches the lives of people in all societies and walks of life; one in four of us will be affected by it in our lifetime. Yet the field of mental health is complex – fraught with …

Barbara Fawcett, Dr Zita Weber, Sheila Wilson