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Social Work Practice

Social Work Practice

Learn how to navigate the often complicated professional context of social work to deliver the best service possible.

Social Work Practice

2010 | Social Work Practice | Book

Developing Research Based Social Work Practice

This book explores how research can improve the quality of social work. It provides an overview of the core theoretical concepts and the processes and practices in undertaking research.

Locating the place of social work research within the social …

Joan Orme, David Shemmings

2008 | Social Work Practice | Book

Social Work and Power

Power is an unavoidable issue in social work. This important text explores these complex issues, both at a conceptual and applied level, in order to give students a clear understanding of the theoretical frameworks relevant to practice and to help …

Roger Smith

2006 | Social Work Practice | Book

Management in Social Work

The third edition of this textbook has been thoroughly revised to meet the needs of today's social work students, professionals and service managers. It illustrates current legislation, policy, procedure and concerns, with additional material …

Veronica Coulshed, Audrey Mullender, David N. Jones, Neil Thompson

2004 | Social Work Practice | Book

Social Work Ideals and Practice Realities

Social work practice is becoming increasingly complex, with social workers struggling to hold onto their ideals and values in a pressurized and challenging social, political and organizational environment. This book provides an analytically …

Mark Lymbery, Sandra Butler

2012 | Social Work Practice | Book

Social Work Practice

This trusted textbook for both students and practitioners has sold over 75,000 copies across its four previous editions. This comprehensive text is divided into three easily navigable parts: Part I guides the reader through the social work …

Veronica Coulshed, Joan Orme

2018 | Social Work Theory and Methods | Book

Practising Social Work Sociologically

A Theoretical approach for New Times

This timely and much needed text book presents an innovative, theoretically based approach that helps students, practitioners and researchers alike orientate their view and sensibilities in a rapidly evolving modern world. Traditional social work …

Dr. Priscilla Dunk-West, Fiona Verity

2018 | Social Work Practice | Book

The Integration of Health and Social Care in the UK

Policy and Practice

This timely and much needed text book provides a systematic assessment of recent policy developments across the UK and introduces the different models of integration which currently operate - from structural integration in Northern Ireland to …

Prof. Deirdre Heenan, Derek Birrell

2008 | Social Work with Adults | Book

Empowerment, participation and social work

Now in its fourth edition, completely revised and updated, this book continues to offer in-depth coverage spanning both conceptual debates about empowerment and a range of practice issues. The text provides social workers with a clear framework …

Robert Adams

2018 | Social Work Practice | Book

Anti-Racist Social Work

Fully revised and updated throughout, this fourth edition of Lena Dominelli’s influential book retains its reputation as the go-to text on anti-racist social work practice. As racism continues to present a problem in contemporary society: the …

Prof. Lena Dominelli

2018 | Social Work Practice | Book

Promoting Equality

Working with Diversity and Difference

Practitioners working within the people professions have a legal and moral responsibility to promote equality978-1-352-00119-8978-1-137-40391-9 wherever possible. This insightful book from a leading author provides a lucid guide to the complexities of inequality, and offers a …

Neil Thompson

2014 | Social Work Practice | Book

Solution-Focused Practice

Effective Communication to Facilitate Change

This textbook shows how any conversation directed towards change can become a solution-focused one, whether in planned series of sessions with individuals, families, groups, or in the less structured contexts in which many helping professionals …

Guy Shennan

2016 | Social Work Practice | Book

Sustaining Social Work

Between Power and Powerlessness

Social work is a profession under strain, and practitioners report finding the role increasingly challenging. What can sustain social work in these times? How can social workers sustain themselves in the role? How can they derive confidence and …

Robbie Duschinsky, Sue Lampitt, Susan Bell

2008 | Social Work Practice | Book

The Critically Reflective Practitioner

This important textbook is a revised and updated edition of a very well-received and much-appreciated insightful guide to reflective practice designed for students, practitioners and managers of social work, health care and related fields. Its …

Sue Thompson, Neil Thompson

2017 | Social Work Practice | Book

Transformative Learning for Social Work

Learning For and In Practice

Learning and self-development is a continuous process for social workers, and practitioners must keep abreast of new knowledge, guidance and legislation in order to keep growing professionally.

In this innovative text, an expert group of authors …

Clare Stone, Fiona Harbin

2017 | Social Work with Adults | Book

Safeguarding Adults and Children

Dilemmas and Complex Practice

As more and more people and organisations are affected by the austerity agenda and cuts to public services, there is increased risk that the person-centred nature of safeguarding practice will be consumed by …

Georgina Koubel

2017 | Social Work Practice | Book

Theorizing Practice

A Guide for the People Professions

Theory and practice are two sides of the same coin: they are inextricably linked. In this second edition of his classic text, Neil Thompson revisits the crucial topic of integrating theory and practice – this time, widening his scope to explore …

Neil Thompson

2017 | Social Work Practice | Book

The Professional Social Worker

Meeting the Challenege

In this ground-breaking text book, bestselling author Neil Thompson turns his attention to the question of 'What does it mean to be truly professional in the field of social work?'

Notions of professionalism in social work have changed over time.

Neil Thompson

2017 | Social Work Practice | Book

Working with Marginalised Groups

From Policy to Practice

This book highlights a range of individuals and groups in UK society who experience exclusion or marginalisation, including Roma, young carers and people with Autism Spectrum Disorders. It takes a unique practice-based focus, designed to encourage …

Anya Ahmed, Michaela Rogers

2017 | Social Work Practice | Book

The Reflective Journal

This is the second edition of Barbara Bassot's hugely popular book is a uniquely inspiring introduction to critically reflective practice. Using bite-sized theory combined with plentiful guidance and supporting activities, this book gives the …

Barbara Bassot

2015 | Social Work Practice | Book

Social Work and Community Development

A Critical Practice Perspective

At a time of growing social, economic and environmental challenge, this book offers a fresh and engaging perspective on the connections between social work and community development and on how social workers can use a community development …

Catherine Forde, Deborah Lynch