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Social Work Theory and Methods

Social Work Theory and Methods

How do you choose the best approach to take in a complex scenario? Explore the theory and methods that underpin good practice.

Social Work Theory and Methods

2001 | Social Work with Adults | Book

Men and Social Work

Theories and Practices

The relationships between men and social work are contentious because men are under represented as social workers and over represented in social work management. Also, most social work service users are women and children, and social workers often …

Alastair Christie, Jo Campling

2001 | Social Work Theory and Methods | Book

Gender, Power and Organisations

An Introduction

This important text demonstrates the range of ways in which gender can be seen to be an integral part of organisational life. Through a lively and detailed exploration of the structures and processes of organisations, the authors bring to life the …

Susan Halford, Pauline Leonard

2018 | Social Work Theory and Methods | Book

Practising Social Work Sociologically

A Theoretical approach for New Times

This timely and much needed text book presents an innovative, theoretically based approach that helps students, practitioners and researchers alike orientate their view and sensibilities in a rapidly evolving modern world. Traditional social work …

Dr. Priscilla Dunk-West, Fiona Verity

2018 | Social Work Theory and Methods | Book

How to be a Social Worker

A Critical Guide for Students

This textbook equips social work students with the tools to develop a social work identity. It provides a critical examination of the knowledge base of social work – from human growth and development to social work research – and explores how a …

Dr. Priscilla Dunk-West

2016 | Ethics and Values | Book

Ecological Social Work

Towards Sustainability

The world is on the brink of ecological crisis. In the last decade we have seen a number of catastrophic events that illustrate this, including the 2004 tsunami across the Pacific, which killed over 150,000 people, and Hurricane Katrina in the …

Professor Jennifer McKinnon, OAM Professor Margaret Alston

2016 | Social Work Theory and Methods | Book

Transforming Social Work

Social Constructionist Reflections on Contemporary and Enduring Issues

Humankind seems to be heading along a precarious path. If we are to redirect and bring about truly transformative change, we must develop new understandings of the complex issues facing our global society.

In this important new text, renowned …

Stanley L. Witkin

2017 | Social Work Practice | Book

Theorizing Practice

A Guide for the People Professions

Theory and practice are two sides of the same coin: they are inextricably linked. In this second edition of his classic text, Neil Thompson revisits the crucial topic of integrating theory and practice – this time, widening his scope to explore …

Neil Thompson

2017 | Social Work Practice | Book

The Challenge of Existential Social Work Practice

Social work is being constantly shaped by external forces such as new information technology, managerialism, increased public accountability and programme risk management. Although an appreciation of how these forces impact on direct service is …

Mark Griffiths

2014 | Social Work Theory and Methods | Book

Rethinking Anti-Discriminatory and Anti-Oppressive Theories for Social Work Practice

For years anti-discriminatory and anti-oppressive practice have been embedded in the social work landscape. Thinking beyond the mainstream approaches, this book critically examines some of the core concepts and issues in social work, providing …

Christine Cocker, Trish Hafford-Letchfield

2012 | Social Work Theory and Methods | Book

Social Work Methods and Skills

The Essential Foundations of Practice

This brilliantly systematic and comprehensive textbook provides an integrated approach to social work theory, methods and skills as the bedrock of all social work practice. Recognizing social work as a diverse activity that is rooted in common …

Karen Healy

2013 | Social Work Theory and Methods | Book

Engaging Communities and Service Users

Context, Themes and Methods

Across the range of social care, health and welfare professions, it is essential that students and practitioners engage meaningfully with the communities and service users they work with. This book offers a timely and practical guide to the …

Billie Oliver, Bob Pitt

2009 | Social Work Theory and Methods | Book

Social Work and Social Perspectives

Social Work and Social Work Perspectives introduces readers to a range of important sociological concepts, showing how these can feed critical practice and illustrate social work's complex relationship with the welfare state. Adopting a unique …

Eileen Oak
Jo Campling

2014 | Social Work Theory and Methods | Book

Social Work Theories in Context

Creating Frameworks for Practice

This popular and innovative core text book explores contemporary social work theories and perspectives in a systematic way, using an integrated and flexible framework to link context, theory, and practice approaches. Healy expertly provides an …

Karen Healy

2007 | Social Policy and Social Work Law | Book

Ideology and Welfare

This book introduces students to the diversity of theoretical perspectives on welfare, both illuminating the distinctiveness of each ideology and highlighting important continuities in thought. It goes on to illustrate how these theories are …

Gary Taylor

2017 | Social Work Theory and Methods | Book

Key Concepts and Theory in Social Work

Social work is a discipline committed to social justice and human rights, and to improving the well—being of individuals, families, communities and societies. But the world is changing, with environmental disasters, an increase in violent conflict …

David Hodgson, Lynelle Watts

2014 | Social Work Theory and Methods | Book

Doing Radical Social Work

This is the first book to provide social workers with an applicable model for radical practice. Through examining the current state of social work in the UK and looking at the radical approaches that have developed over the years, this book …

Colin Turbett

2013 | Social Work Theory and Methods | Book

Empowerment in Action

Self-Directed Groupwork

From three leading authorities in the field, this re-visit to a classic text demonstrates how groupwork can be used as a flexible tool for service user empowerment and participation across a range of contexts. Walking the reader through each stage …

Audrey Mullender, Dave Ward, Jennie Fleming

2014 | Social Work Theory and Methods | Book

Modern Social Work Theory

Now in its fourth edition, this international best-selling textbook is a classic in its field. Written by one of the leading names in social work, it provides a comprehensive and critical overview of the main practice theories that will act as a …

Malcolm Payne

2007 | Social Work Theory and Methods | Book

Social Work and the Body

This book brings sociological and neuroscientific perspectives on the body together to inform a new understanding of person-in-environment. It offers important new ways of working with people in various social work and social care settings from …

Nadine Cameron, Fiona McDermott

2006 | Social Work Theory and Methods | Book

The Body in Health and Social Care

Focusing on health and social care, this book shows how important the body can be to a range of issues such as disability, old age, sexuality, consumption, food and public space. Twigg illustrates how constructions of the body affect how we see …

Julia Twigg