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Social Work with Adults

Social Work with Adults

Explore the crucial role of social workers in securing a better future for vulnerable and disadvantaged adult service users.

Social Work with Adults

2009 | Social Work with Adults | Book

Critical Issues in Social Work With Older People

This timely text highlights the importance of informed and critical practice in social work with older people. With an emphasis on reflection throughout, it argues for the need to rethink how social workers support some of the most vulnerable …

Mo Ray, Miriam Bernard, Judith Phillips

2001 | Social Work with Adults | Book

Men and Social Work

Theories and Practices

The relationships between men and social work are contentious because men are under represented as social workers and over represented in social work management. Also, most social work service users are women and children, and social workers often …

Alastair Christie, Jo Campling

2018 | Social Work with Adults | Book

Safeguarding Adults

Key Themes and Issues

Safeguarding adults is a rapidly evolving area of professional practice and this timely new text book provides an authoritative guide that critically engages with the recent developments and encapsulates some of the emerging approaches to …

Dr. Gillian MacIntyre, Ailsa Stewart, Pearse McCusker

2008 | Social Work with Adults | Book

Empowerment, participation and social work

Now in its fourth edition, completely revised and updated, this book continues to offer in-depth coverage spanning both conceptual debates about empowerment and a range of practice issues. The text provides social workers with a clear framework …

Robert Adams

2011 | Social Work with Adults | Book

Controversies in Drugs Policy and Practice

The rapid deepening of the global drug problem has spurred increasingly heated debate over the best solutions. For example, should drug use be an issue for healthcare services or a matter of criminal justice? Is universal abstinence both …

Neil McKeganey

2017 | Social Work with Adults | Book

Safeguarding Adults and Children

Dilemmas and Complex Practice

As more and more people and organisations are affected by the austerity agenda and cuts to public services, there is increased risk that the person-centred nature of safeguarding practice will be consumed by …

Georgina Koubel

2016 | Social Work with Adults | Book

Working with Dual Diagnosis

A Psychosocial Perspective

In the UK it is estimated that a third of patients in mental health services have a substance abuse problem, and that half of patients in drug and alcohol services have a mental health problem. Part of Palgrave's Foundations of Mental Health …

Darren Hill, William J. Penson, Divine Charura

2018 | Social Work with Adults | Book

Service User and Carer Involvement in Health and Social Care

A Retrospective and Prospective Analysis

Written by a collection of experts in the field, this important new text provides a critical and constructive analysis of the ways in which service users and carers …

Prof. Dr. Barbara Fawcett, Joy Fillingham, Dawn River, Maureen Smojkis, Nicki Ward

2014 | Social Work with Adults | Book

Safeguarding Adults

Working to safeguard adults is a complex area of practice that requires careful balancing of autonomy, protection and risk. In order to make good, lawful judgements about when and how to intervene, practitioners therefore need to have a …

Alison Brammer

2014 | Social Work with Adults | Book

A–Z of Professional Ethics

If you are looking for an accessible introduction to the essential concepts that define the field of professional ethics, then this is the book for you.

Richard Hugman's A-Z of Professional Ethics offers a winning combination of breadth and …

Richard Hugman

2013 | Social Work with Adults | Book

Recovery and Mental Health

A Critical Sociological Account

For most of us, the term 'recovery' in mental health implies hope and normality for those suffering from emotional distress. It is understandable why recovery has therefore become a significant goal for mental …

David Pilgrim, Ann McCranie

2013 | Social Work with Adults | Book

Best Practice with Older People

Social Work Stories

Social workers often have to handle a great deal of negativity in their working lives. This book celebrates social work practice at its most positive and influential and, in doing so, contributes to a growing literature on critical best practice.

Karen Jones, Susanna Watson

2007 | Social Work with Adults | Book

Working With Violence

Policies and Practices in Risk Assessment and Management

Assessing and managing violence places a heavy burden on practitioners in social work, criminal justice and health care settings. Milner and Myers examine current explanatory theories of violence and how these influence assessment and …

Judith Milner, Steve Myers

2014 | Social Work Practice | Book

A–Z of Substance Misuse and Drug Addiction

If you are looking for an incisive and highly readable account of current research and debates in the field of drugs and substance misuse, then this is the book for you.

Written by a leading researcher and commentator, the A-Z of Substance Misuse …

Neil McKeganey

2014 | Social Work with Adults | Book

Working with Substance Users

A Guide to Effective Interventions

Social care and health professionals encounter people with drug and alcohol problems on a daily basis, but many feel ill-equipped to respond. Although people working across different professions will approach substance users from various …

George Allan

2014 | Social Work with Adults | Book

A-Z of Spirituality

Spirituality is a multifaceted speciality; anyone who wants to understand it must look across a range of disciplines, which can often make it seem overwhelming and incomplete. This book will act as a reference resource for readers looking to …

Steve Nolan, Margaret Holloway

2010 | Social Work Practice | Book

Spirituality and Social Work

Written by two leading authors in the field, Social Work and Spiritualityprovides a critical engagement with the concept of spirituality and a much needed framework for the integration of spiritual care in mainstream practice. It isfundamental …

Margaret Holloway, Bernard Moss

2014 | Social Work with Adults | Book

Adult Social Care Law in England

Social work law is at the foundation of all social work practice, from shaping professional boundaries to determining the level of intervention. Every case is complex and unique and therefore requires different legal treatment; this means it is …

John Williams, Gwyneth Roberts, Aled Griffiths

2015 | Social Work with Adults | Book

Assessment in Social Work

Assessment is a crucial social work task. Yet there is so much to consider that it can sometimes feel overwhelming. This core text book gives you structured, practical guidance on how to approach this vital professional skill. In a clear and …

Judith Milner, Steve Myers, Patrick O’Byrne

2010 | Social Work with Adults | Book

Understanding Drug Misuse

Models of Care and Control

Key to understanding drug misuse is an awareness of the full range of models that seek to define, explain and treat the problem. This book covers the full breadth of medical, social and psychological approaches to drug use, while retaining focus …

Jan Keene