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Studying history

Studying history

How we approach studying history informs our interpretation of events. Explore different schools of thought and why Historiography is important.

Studying History Collection

2019 | Studying History | Book

Why History Matters

Does history matter? Is it anything more than entertainment? And if so, what practical relevance does it have? In this fully revised second edition of a seminal text, John Tosh persuasively argues that history is central to an informed and …

John Tosh

2019 | Studying History | Book

Narrative and History

Based on the assumption that reality, reference and representation work together, this introductory textbook explains and illustrates the various ways in which historians write the past as history. For the first time, the full range of leading …

Prof. Alun Munslow

2019 | Studying History | Book

Biography and History

Looking at the complex relationship between the discipline of history and the writing of lives, this key textbook provides an original and insightful introduction to a growing and increasingly important area of historical scholarship and research.

Prof. Barbara Caine

2013 | Studying History | Book

Film and History

Film is the pre-eminent mass medium of the modern age. It is a valuable source of evidence for the study of both the past and the contemporary world, and is a social practice that has affected the lives of millions. How can historians engage with …

James Chapman

2010 | Studying History | Book

The Future of History

In this radical reassessment, Alun Munslow challenges conventional notions of history and offers a new vision of historical thinking and practice. Deploying a range of concepts such as scepticism, aesthetics, ethics, standpoint, irony, authorship …

Alun Munslow

2012 | Studying History | Book

Gender and History

What is gender and who has it? History, theory and gender are inextricably linked, but how exactly do they fit together? How do
historians use theories about gender to write history?

In this jargon-free introduction, Susan Kingsley Kent presents a …

Susan Kingsley Kent

2012 | Studying History | Book

Making History

The Historian and Uses of the Past

Everyone has a personal connection to the past, independent of historical inquiry. So, what is the role of the historian? Making History argues that historians have damagingly dissociated the discipline of history from the everyday nature of …

Jorma Kalela

2004 | Studying History | Book

Postmodernism and History

In this clear, jargon-free guide, Willie Thompson provides a concise introduction to postmodernist theory and its significant impact on the study of history. Although this is a hotly-debated topic, with much of the current literature being both …

Willie Thompson

2002 | Studying History | Book

Marxism and History

Marxism and History examines Marxism's enormous impact on the way historians approach their subject. Tackling current historiographical questions in a lively, jargon-free way, Matt Perry offers a concise introduction to: Marxist views of history; …

Matt Perry

2004 | Studying History | Book

Social Theory and Social History

The expansion of social history that took place in the twentieth century has produced some of the most exciting works in the field of historical studies. As the range of the social historian's concerns has grown, so has the range of methodologies …

Donald M. MacRaild, Avram Taylor

1999 | Studying History | Book

Social History

Problems, Strategies and Methods

Drawing examples from some of the classic works in the discipline, Miles Fairburn examines the nature, varieties, schools and evolution of social history.
Intended for advanced students and practising social historians who see social history as a …

Miles Fairburn