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US History

US history

This field of study covers everything about the history of the United States from border disputes to the Civil War.

US History Collection

2020 | US History | Book

A Political History of the USA

One Nation Under God

This book is an engaging account of US history from the first European contact with the 'New World' to the election of Donald Trump in 2016. Bruce Kuklick's straightforward yet authoritative narrative takes students through the complexities of US …

Bruce Kuklick

2019 | US History | Book

Rethinking a Nation

The United States in the 21st Century

The US continues to be the world’s most powerful nation, an enormous driver of culture and technology. The present century has witnessed many momentous (and controversial) developments, the full significance of which may take many years to assess.

Philip Jenkins

2017 | US History | Book

The Civil Rights Movement

Struggle and Resistance

An established introductory textbook that provides students with a compelling overview of the growth of the mass movement from its origins after the Second World War to the destruction of segregated society, before charting the movement’s path …

Dr. William Riches

2007 | US History | Book

The American Civil War

The American Civil War was by far the bloodiest conflict in American history. Arising out of a political crisis over the expansion of slavery, the war set the stage for the emergence of the modern American nation-state. This new interpretation of …​​​​​​​

Adam I. P. Smith

2008 | US History | Book

Americans and the Wars of the Twentieth Century

Jenel Virden outlines the causes, courses and consequences of the major wars of the Twentieth century in American history, examining how the US became involved; how the wars were fought; and the domestic consequences. Applying 'just war theory' …

Jenel Virden

2011 | US History | Book

America since 1945

The American Moment

The period from 1945 to the present day may not constitute an American century, but it can be seen as the American Moment: the time when, for good or ill, the United States became the predominant political, military, economic and cultural power in …

Paul Levine, Harry Papasotiriou

2012 | US History | Book

Hollywood and the American Historical Film

This definitive interdisciplinary collection by leading scholars probes the theoretical and historical contexts of films made about the American past, from silent film to the present. The book offers a fresh assessment of studio era historical …

J. E. Smyth

2005 | US History | Book

The American Revolution

Colin Bonwick expands and updates the well-received first edition, and incorporates fresh material drawn from recent scholarship. The structure and argument of the book remain as before, but in particular Bonwick pays greater attention to Native …

Colin Bonwick

2009 | US History | Book

A Political History of the USA

One Nation Under God

A fresh and engaging account of America's history from the 15th century to the 21st that navigates complexities without oversimplifying or assuming prior knowledge. Kuklick focuses on politics, but places this in the context of religious culture …

Bruce Kuklick

2017 | US History | Book

A History of the United States

This textbook offers an insightful, introductory overview of the history of American society from its inception right up to present day. With coverage starting at the European Settlement in 1492 right through to the 2016 Presidential Election …

Philip Jenkins

2012 | US History | Book

Crime and Punishment in African American History

James Campbell provides an in-depth survey of crime, punishment and justice in African American history. Presenting cutting-edge scholarship on issues of criminal justice in African American history in an accessible way for students, he makes connections between black experiences of criminal justice and violence from the slave era to the present.

James Campbell

1999 | US History | Book

Women in the United States, 1830–1945

Women in the United States, 1830-1945 investigates women's economic, social, political and cultural history, encompassing all ethnic and racial groups and religions. It provides a general introduction to the history of women in industrializing …

S. J. Kleinberg

1998 | US History | Book

Anglo-American Relations in the Twentieth Century

A critique of Anglo-American relations in the twentieth century in the light of the most recent research.
It challenges many existing interpretations and argues that the basis of the Anglo-American special relationship was laid by Roosevelt and …

Ritchie Ovendale

1997 | US History | Book

American Foreign Policy

Carter to Clinton

This book examines the history of US foreign policy since the Vietnam War. It focuses on four themes: the legacy of Vietnam; the ending and aftermath of the Cold War; the debate over American international decline; and the frequently undemocratic …

John Dumbrell